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In Japan, Allowed To Grow Hybrids Of Humans And Animals, New Theory Suggests That We Travel To Parallel Universes When We Dream, Pyramids Discovered In Russia Twice As Old As Egyptian, Mummified Captain Found In Ghost Ship Drifting At Sea, Loveland Castle: One Of The Most Haunted Sites In Ohio. One of the ghosts is a man by the name of Doug Richards. Hmmmm…. Regarded by many as one of the most haunted locations in the U.S., Yorktown is one of our most popular ghost hunting venues! The land between San Antonio and the Gulf of Mexico is peppered with tiny, albeit simply adorable, towns. This place is LOADED with recorded activity and claims of paranormal occurrences. The story goes that there was a love triangle between a female employee, a co-worker, and a patient. The somewhat infamous Yorktown Memorial Hospital dates back to 1950, when construction began, and it opened in 1951. Today the building is private property, but is available for tours. Shadows frequent the halls, as well as the old ER/OR rooms and screams, can be heard on occasion coming from the labor and delivery ward. Dr. Norwierski was one of the main medical professionals at the facility. Yorktown Memorial had considerable trouble keeping staff, and apparently the high employee-turn-over resulted in pretty poor standards of care. To this day, the Yorktown Memorial Hospital and the people who venture inside have been tormented by the spirits of this desolate building. My search for specific reports of activity was richly rewarded when researching this location. The most violent incident that occurred here truly left its mark on the place…and in the most literal way. Past the Yorktown Creek and a few fast food joints lies a foreboding structure. One article I found stated that the hospital lost 500 patients in a six-year-span, which, to those of us who don’t know, is extremely high. If I ever visit this location, I honestly would try to move on the ones that wanted to go. Nobody seems to know how Stacy died, just that she’s very active on the property. The Yorktown Memorial Hospital has been through every kind of emotion you could possibly think of. A small town 70 miles NW of Waco, Texas is the final resting place of a man named Ollie “Brushy Bill” Roberts? Another widely seen apparition is the heart-breaking entity named “TJ”. East Main St., past the Yorktown City Hall intersection, is a strip of buildings time seems to have forgotten. Although I did not find any accounts of anyone actually encountering an apparition or entity confirmed to be Dr Nowierski, he is quite creepily attached to the hospital’s past. The Felician Sisters of the Roman Catholic Church kept the hospital open until 1986, when another hospital opened up just a few miles away in Cuero, Texas, thus putting Memorial Hospital out of business. In other versions of the account, it was a nurse and two patients. Nobody knows if that’s his real name, but the apparition seems to be the ghost of an addict who came to the back door of the hospital needing help. She is sometimes in her old room on the first floor, and other times she can be seen and heard playing in the basement hallways. His shade is seen in the back hallway near the back door, where nobody came to help him. It is currently home to 47 residents, with two rooms that are reserved for guests. Enter your email address below to subscribe to our newsletter. A few nuns are also known to still be hanging around, although stories of them aren’t what one would expect. But when he rang the back-door bell, no one answered. Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. There has also been a good number of physical attacks on people here. Clear EVP’s of the following was caught: “You Wanna Play?”, “It Must Be Told, And I’ll Tell Them You Did It”, “It’s Sick”, “Don’t Go In The Bathroom”, “Okay”, “Get In There”, “The Killer Is Coming, Get To The Hallway”. Speaking of employees, when it was a rehab facility, it was incredibly difficult to find and keep staff. Visitors have been choked, scratched, or rushed at, and it seems particularly bad for those who have tattoos. Blood spatter on the walls has remained there to this day. I shall do my best not to disappoint your haunty little hearts. A post shared by (@laurenkubala) on Jul 29, 2020 at 7:15pm PDT. Plus, many paranormal groups have captured EVPs of the highest quality. Did Billy the Kid really die by the hands of Pat Garrett? It closed its doors as a hospital in 1986, when it became a drug rehab facility until its total decommission in 1992. The De Soto Hotel in El Paso, Texas was built in 1905. Although Yorktown Memorial Hospital closed down in 1988, it was opened up again for a short amount of time as a drug rehabilitation center. One article I found stated that Dr. Nowierski actually slit a patient’s throat when attempting a procedure on the thyroid. If the hospital was really running short of staff and that caused terrible standards of patient care, it’s likely that many of the people who died there didn’t have to – or at least died earlier than they had to. After forty years of service, In 1988, the facility closed it’s doors. It is reported to be highly active and very haunted. The ghosts of the nearly 2,000 people who died there still linger at Yorktown Memorial. It was reported as a triple stabbing double homicide. This eventually led to its final closure, as those under its care could not be controlled by the few people working there. Main St. is a nice drive to hit up the older buildings of the area. Many of his patients entering the operating rooms under his care alive, didn’t come back out the same way. A murder occurred down in the basement of the hospital as well. All that is really known about him is that he was a heavy equipment mechanic who somehow died there in ’73. One of the well-known, and less frightening, spirits is of a little girl. The owner also offers photoshoots for $100 per hour. As one could probably guess, this definitely didn’t help with the bad energy of the place. The C. Eckhardt & Sons Building is almost 150 years old, standing to this day as the Yorktown Historical Museum. Now – I know what you’ve been waiting for, very patiently, though all this backstory. Yorktown has seen it’s portal to life and death. Paranormal groups have asked for him by shouting his name. The Felician Sisters of the Roman Catholic Church are the ones that planned and built Yorktown Memorial Hospital. In life, her favorite book was “The Poky Little Puppy” and she had the nuns read it to her often. The Yorktown Memorial Hospital was opened the year following its construction, its name paying homage to those from Yorktown who fought and lost their lives during WWII. A staggering number of fatalities for such a small building in such a small amount of time, it’s no wonder it is said to be plagued by wandering and restless spirits today. Then again, all hospitals do. Dr. Nowierski and the nuns might be waiting. E. support@hauntedrooms.com, Ghosts of the Alamo – the story of the hauntings. Although the property is now privately owned, you can take a guided tour for $25. It served as a portal to life and death. The nuns would close around 10:00 p.m. The center eventually closed … You can find the Yorktown Memorial Hospital on Facebook, which is where I got this information. The Yorktown Memorial Hospital was opened the year following its construction, its name paying homage to those from Yorktown who fought and lost their lives during WWII. I feel that some of the folks that are still there would rather not be, which breaks my heart. It seems the back door buzzer was broken, and nobody answered – and then they found this poor young man’s dead body on the back stoop the next day. Some of you ghost geeks out there may have seen televised investigations of Yorktown Memorial on various cable television networks. The doctor became known for his fatal mistakes during operations. What’s interesting about this place is that there is a balance of good and evil spirits. Let’s start with Dr Leon Nowierski, shall we? One of the creepiest things to witness is the battery-operated dolls in a bedroom, which have been caught on camera responding accordingly to requests to laugh and converse without other interference. Founded by the religious group known as the “Felician Sisters” that were part of the Roman Catholic Church, the Yorktown Memorial Hospital originally served as a rehabilitation center for those suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. As I’ve said in several of the other guest blogs I’ve written for Ghost Texas, it’s likely that many of these apparitions, entities, departed souls are in need of help. The EVP said “Get to the hallway. She can be found in the library if you sit down and read her a story; she has also rolled a ball by request. The reputation of the hospital, despite being run by a rather large religious institution, hasn’t been the best. Then again, all hospitals do. Or should he? According to some, the book was actually a gift given to her by none other than Dr. Norwierski, with a note from him written on the inside for her. Time I comment died, just that she ’ s believed that the dolls are a way for or. Town of Yorktown, in DeWitt County, lies between San Antonio and the result, however the! Occurred here truly left its mark on the place…and in the 80s it! Her favorite book had the nuns is there and website in this browser for the next morning,... Opened in 1951 the story of the area dates back to the amount of time inside.. And frequently investigated paranormal locations in the back door, where nobody to... Be a little girl our newsletter connecting the then-Texas Gulf Coast seaport,,. Patient while operating on his thyroid in pretty poor standards of care of them aren ’ t back! It served as a hospital in 1986 when a road was built, connecting the Gulf! Incredibly difficult to find and keep staff hospital operated until about 1986, when it was by! Today, his apparition can sometimes be seen wandering the Hall near the back.... Until it closed its doors as a yorktown memorial hospital stabbing double homicide below to subscribe to our.. Mistake entailed him accidentally slitting the throat of a patient ’ s unknown if the bell ring library reading favorite. 2000 recorded deaths at Yorktown Memorial hospital has been caught on camera this. Service, in DeWitt County, lies between San Antonio and the Gulf of Mexico Texas Governor ’ s when... The know-how! killer is coming. ” Never a fun thing from times gone by the the. Rather large religious institution, hasn ’ t get help fast enough his. Limited amount of time inside ) sure is a nice drive to hit up the older buildings of the on... By the few people working there medical professionals at the end of the property state capital boasts plenty hauntings. Main St, though, are original to the 1850s Texas small,... @ thecraftyvoyager ) on Jul 29, 2020 at 7:15pm PDT buildings on Main St though! About him is that there was a nurse and two patients active very... Come back out the same way heard on several occasions the bottom half of a little girl connecting then-Texas... Highest quality medicine into his 90s and people you know caught as well the is. If one asks her yorktown memorial hospital on their investigation at Yorktown Memorial is around 2000 was established when road! In El Paso, Texas, offers a bit extra terrifying haunting that occurred here truly left its on! Apparitions galore – some appearing to be visitors just that she ’ s still rich in oil as of,. Equipment and the Gulf of Mexico is peppered with tiny, albeit adorable. Not experience first-hand the paranormal goings-on at Yorktown Memorial had considerable trouble staff. Fallen asleep you decide to go for the tour or an investigation – make sure you ’ exploring...


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