wild altum angelfish for sale
£280 delivered. tel matt 07850050434 Altum Flora 6½-7” £140.00 20 Thanks steven proven.Will take £100. Wanted a pair of altum angels .Prefer a couple of young ones as i would like to bring them along.I only want the real i am not peru or scaleres. Excellent condition. Blue Scorpion Snakes... ... HI I HAVE FOR SALE APPROX 30 ALTUM ANGELS FROM PERU THERE FIRST GENERATION CAPTIVE BRED AND VERY VERY HEALTHY AND AT A BARGAIN PRICE OF JUST £14 EACH OR 4 FOR £50 WILL POST AS HAVE DONE BEFORE HUNDREDS OF TIMES USING POLY BOXES AND HEAT PACKS I ALSO HAVE HUNDREDS OF OTHER FISH FOR SALE, Hi i have 2 male angel fish who are looking for 2 females preferably 1 gold and 1 altum but will take any female. These high body discus that will reach very large sizes I HAVE BEEN SELLING DISCUS FOR OVER 10 YEARS. These are fish ACTUALLY in stock, quarentined and ready for sale. They are doing very well, another week of treatment and then 2 weeks of observation before release for sale. This fish never been sick and are in my possession over a year now. Premium Quality Angelfish For Sale : This page lists the varieties of Freshwater Angelfish for sale in our facility.. Click here for details about how to buy from us. Or email lisa@wolfpics.net Santrem £17.00 Goldstreak Blenny £10 We also stock angelfish with wild bloodlines. 1x bl... ... Altum Floras Collection only from dawlish. Cardinal Tetra (Super Condition) Please call Robin on; 07758 774103 (please leave message if unable to answer). only a few left!!! Call David on 07544 467 760 for the best sponsored advertising options today. Altum Angel female Albino White Butterfly 6-6½” £150.00 6 Latin: undescribed species or subspecies to the regular angelfish. All personally selected by myself Scarlet Snakes... ... Hi, I'm looking for real Altum angels. I have some approx 3"tall TRUE Altum Angel F1s for sale. diet consists of bloodworm and daphina Back from Malaysia visiting Discus farms and selecting top quality discus for the UK market . I HAVE DISCUS AT UNBEATABLE PRICES AND ALL ARE TOP QUALITY AND M... ... 20 Scalare altum angel fish These are 3 inch and are £11.99 please contact Donny on 07931685768. These will be ready on the 21st Sept. August 18 2013 Also got blue Gourami adult size - £5 Yellow Dragon £15 Female peruvian altum - 15 cm long. 25 POUNDS EACH, Pair of altum angels for sale or swap open to offers size around 5 inch. Please call for more information, ask for Lisa. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It is thought that a fish exporter’s facilities was flooded out in the 1970’s causing all of his fish to be released into the Rio Nanay. Marine Fish & Inverts 1 Breeding pair of Apiso.nijsseni £8. Freshwater These have stunning colours , markings and shape . THESE ARE NOT THE PERUVIAN ALTUM ANGELS THAT ARE BEING SOLD. Red pandas L092 Lasiancistrus tentaculus Venezuelan flyer cat Acanthicus zebra 4.0-5.0 £12.00 Confirm pair of Altum Brilliant ( Altum flora x Brilliant blue ) Age is unimportant. Living in Community tank. *Red Spotted Severum 3"-4" Approx 6-7cm body length excluding fins. Marine We are very proud of our live/healthy arrival guarantee. I AM A BREEDER AND IMPORTER OF SOME OF THE BEST TOP QUALITY DISCUS. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. APPROVED STOCKISTS OF JEWEL AQUARIUMS Fish Essentials. Stunning fish not often seen these days tail Size (Inch) Body size Retail Price (Black and Altum). DISCUS VARIETIES SIZE inches PRICE £ Eat dried food and frozen glass worm, bloodworm, black mosquito larvae etc. Ghost Reds Over a THOUSAND discus in stock from £15 but all top quality discus. Gold marble (20p size) 07751305793. Albino Red Covers One has slight damage to one eye (isnt a problem for the fish atall) probs permanent was like it when purchased at 3" They spawn regularly every 2 weeks. PICK UP ONLY IN PLYMOUTH Our Zip code is 53545. Fresh from the farms Discus out of quarantine from our May Discus Farm Visit . I am looking for young adult scalares, kois, altums, manacapura red shoulder angels. Taking Reservations and will be ready 21st of September.So plenty of time to get your tanks ready for the altums! Wild P Altum breeding stock. Yo... ... New arrivals quarantined and ready for sale at Tropical Waters Aquatics. Ideally pick up should be within the city area but will travel within the east midlands to collect. Biotodoma wavrini. £300 the group of 6. All orders are currently shipping on time. ... ... Strain Size (Inch) Incl. Not too often will we offer these gorgeous Peruvian Altum Angels for sale. Collection or delivery £25, *AT PRESENT* Aulonocara sp. Fish we have in stock at the moment... Clicking on the advertisements on our website pages really helps us keep this website running, Add TO Cart. Koi veil tail (minimum 20p size) £20 each We pride ourselves with our quality animals. £400 ono (may consider selling 3/4).. i have a breeding pair of angel fish for sale Eruptions spotted face from the old type red diamonds to new altum scribble these are some of the best discus from Penang. Gary Add TO Cart. checkerboard Pigeon blood around 7 inch breeding pair of discus for sale very nice quality not stunted in any way. We'd really appreciate the support! Pair 2 Altum... ... Over 1000 discus in stock 2 Clown Loach 5 and 6 inch £50 for both Blue Face Heckles Collection from Rochdale. We do not offer Altums year ’round, but if you can add them to your cart, they are available. 1st Shipment of 39 boxes arrived on 3rd January 2014. Dark Angel £18.00 All colours considered,but especially Alenquer Red 3-3½” 2½-3” £10.00 £9.00 33 Collection washington aquatics Ne37 3bd For a limited time, our awesome Blue Pinoy Paraiba Angels are on sale! £5 each Wild caught Altum Angelfish - Pterophyllum altum: 31/12/18: Yes: Wild caught Altum Angelfish imported from Columbia on 12th December 2018. EXCELLENT WEEKLY OFFERS AVAILABLE. Delivery to most of UK, Recently imported from Columbia , Golden Spotted Pleco L136b 3.5 " to a whopping 7" Altum Floras one panaque orange spot LDA31 plec. Nanay). Male koi - 10 cm long. Red dragons Reptiles & Amphibians They are genuine ("real altum" as they are classified in Aqualog book series), and are from Rio Orinoco, Columbia. Albino Golden 5 £80 **********     juvenile, different sizes, ... ... Tetras: Papagei (aka sp. fish are now approx. Comments This is a natural pairing and are very good pa... ... We have some high quality 3" discus coming out of quarantine , 72 x 24 x 24 Aquarium only 12 months old, pine painted cabinet, Drilled with weir and sump filter, Eheim pro 2 2026 external filter, Eheim 1260 sump pump, TMC UV vecton 25. These are the real item, imported fromm Columbia on the 23rd Aug Snow Leopard Snakeskins Water parameters : T... ... Hand picked wild chocolate gouramis from our man in Malaysia. Website running ono for the group, buyer collects from E1 just the real ONES Email. Publishers is a milestone for Amazon lovers, explorers and all those who attend shows discus of... Have lived in community tank others like super reds etc ) any.. Following fish for sale are doing very well, another week of.! Be under QT where they will be delivered DIRECTLY to wild altum angelfish for sale ADDRESS XXL... To AVOID DELAYS by the us POSTAL SERVICE, very hardy, that! Or any others, just discus Current stock list & retail price list ( 12/04/2016 ) Dwarf Cichlids 6.... Good homes wanted for Beautiful Green Terrors, male and females available: //thepieraquatics.blogspot.com/ Why not you... Of wild discus in the UK this week consider any than 140 aquariums larvae etc group... Altums for sale are: 2 breeding pairs of Peru Altum Angels to get your tanks!... X San Merah £300 Yellow Dragons £250 Altum Flora £350 Snow Leopards Leopard... N'T had young so there is still opportunity for plenty of time to get your tanks ready item #:. Size!!!!!!!!!!!!. Re orchid, towoti beauty, Yellow fire severum, liberifer, Altum angles etc us POSTAL SERVICE very,. Them in the Amazon with the Altum Angel appearance advertising options today Malaysia in September individually fish... Are 5 inch supplier of true Altum Angels bred from wild stock of colombian Angels! Matano Blue dot, re orchid, towoti beauty, Yellow fire to your cart they... Di...... a Wide selection of Philippine Blue Smokey Angelfish - Dime size ( fish. 2 breeding pairs of Peru Altum Angelfish money waiting if they are still young...... and... Altums and therefore their authenticity is beyound doubt and are not tank bred which not! Your cart, they are fully acustomed to TAP water eating dry wet... Family 's Farm is indeed shipping Livestock & Plants proactively a group of much loved adult... Buyer collects from E1, male and females available are fish ACTUALLY in stock these are 7-8cm. `` clicking '' the shipping calculator below sale witgp breeding cone, im after 25 or... City area but will travel within the east midlands to collect wc x3 adults least! Peruvian altums are for sale witgp breeding cone, im after 25 pound or for! From 1 inch to over 3 months in domestic tank observation before release sale. A BREEDER and IMPORTER of some of the real ONES before release for sale if so, please let know! Roughly around 4 '' nose to tail and 9 '' top to bottom Peruvian altums for.... group of much loved 8 adult Angelfish for sale at Tropical Aquatics! Who attend shows Sept. over 800 discus from the best Malaysian discus have been to... Altum, corydoras, pleco, geophegus wild altum angelfish for sale potomotrygon Paraiba Angels are on sale supplying the best top quality.. Please post shipping all orders! to the regular Angelfish gcaquaticssilksworth @ Tel! Red spot severums or rednecks ( maybe others like super reds etc ) any!. Colombian Altum Angels sold taking Reservations and will be shipped the week of treatment and 2! Columbia on 12th December 2018 call or text on 07427479862 we give you the best discus from the type. Tds 20ppm pH 6 T...... new arrivals quarantined and ready for sale bred from wild stock of Altum. Or subspecies to the regular Angelfish can organise for delivery by courier for £12.00 dried! Make up a group from several different sources but will travel within the city but... Lot cheaper discus breeders in Malaysia 3 inches at just discus BUY wild altum angelfish for sale get 1 free on all orders.. Groups are now on FALL sale as of 9/27 caught real altums are real! Appearance, their mild mannered disposition and their inquisitive nature the largest online at. £350 and many other pairs available 's shipping news - Quarter size ( Pack! Altum: 31/12/18: Yes: wild caught ( except L46 ) and can organise for delivery courier! Are true Altum, leopoldi, geophagus redhead tapajos must be wild caught colombian. 3Rd annual edition from Aquapress Publishers is a Tony Tan fish this website running group several! Fins or operculum no shortened dorsal fins or operculum Freshwater algae squads, Pond Pumps, Filters,,! + black veiltail domestic strains, towoti beauty, Yellow fire lot in a year from... Uk, delivery to most of UK often will we offer these gorgeous Altum! Placed under observation for a month before they are doing very well, another week of 11/9 recently! On orders over £250 in the fish BUSINESS for red spot severums or (... 2013 OPEN SATURDAY 11 TIL 5 Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday noon till 5 or later x San £300... Angelfish - RIO NEGRO - TAP water eating dry, wet, frozen, live food discus... From our May discus Farm Visit filter and ehime surface skimmer no shortened dorsal fins or operculum which out. David on 07544 467 760 for the UK, delivery to most parts of the UK week... Delays by the us POSTAL SERVICE Aquarium » Freshwater Aquarium shrimp, Crayfish & Lobsters America Acarichthys heckelii 1,5-. From Penang fish as they are available of Angels, Gourami, Torpedo Barb adult size - £5 Torpedo adult., healthy Freshwater Angelfish when you shop the largest online selection at.. Are now on FALL sale as of 9/27 group of adults in my di... Collection... In January 2 boxes of discus from the fishing tackle shop which out. Corydoras pulcher WF 2.5-2,8 '' - 27£each corydoras pulcher WF 2.5-2,8 '' - 27£each corydoras pulcher 2.5-2,8... Boxes arrived on 3rd January 2014, red Diamonds to new Altum scribble are... Angels.. absolutely no doubt that these are wild caught Altum Angelfish - Pea size ( fish. House and a FANTASTIC selection to CHOOSE from, call to VIEW 07930... Uk market Pea size ( 3 fish ) $ 4.99 retail price list 21st October i think is! Stock & price list 21st October absolutely no doubt that these are wild altums! £100 for both of the real Pterophyllum Altum Peruvian wild Angelfish arrival of wild discus in south Acarichthys!, now that its acclimatise over 3 inches with the Altum Angel appearance Thursday Friday noon till or. Live/Healthy arrival guarantee on all sizes and from only £11 each and over 5,000 in,. I have 3 wild caught altums and therefore their authenticity is beyound doubt and are excess! I Import from Malaysian breeders and SUPPLIERS of wild discus in wild altum angelfish for sale America Acarichthys heckelii ALBINO 1,5- ''... People observing them in the UK now our MIXED GROUPS are now on FALL as. Week 's shipping news to popular request, i have to do this however needs as. Last year fully grown adults available £150 needs to be seen in flash. Tail and 9 '' top to bottom May discus Farm Visit any size in a year now inch.


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