what does it mean when your palm lines match someone else's
According to Mckean, palmists analyze a number of things like the mounts or the padding on your palms, the lines, markings, digits, flexibility, your fingernails and fingerprints during a reading. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. Psychotherapist and mystic Ellen Goldberg, known as the Wise-Woman Therapist, reveals the secrets to using palmistry to predict love and marriage. We wonder if we’ll be rich in the near future, but most of all, we wonder what kind of love we’ll receive. Straight heart liners also tend to be more reserved with their emotions and are "less apt to make waves. How Coronavirus Helps Transform Small Business Adapt to Digital? If your heart line ends under the pinky, ring, or middle finger, it's considered short. In order to understand palm lines meaning you must know that palmistry reading; Humans are diverse and one rule does not fit all. In case you are one of those who their lines match up, here’s what it means. Whether you are capable of forming deep connections or how successful will be your marriage, several palm readers do palm reading marriage lines for people who are interested. Like fingerprints, they are all different. In love, they generally allow their partner to take the lead. "In other words, changing your fate is in your own hands (pun intended!).". You like to express your love with elaborate gestures and shower your partner with attention. People with straight heart lines tend to be practical partners. If you are one of these types, that means people love you. In order to correctly examine and predict a person’s married life, however, it is essential to study other lines on the hands as well. You don’t like to be around disruptive people. Similarly, when in a relationship, you can get a little possessive. Some even say it is superstitious and fake. ", If you're someone with a curved heart line, you may find that expressing your feelings come easy to you. People with heart lines that are higher on the left hand are usually more aggressive and prefer passion over stability. Palm readers often use heartlines on our palms to tell us about our love lives and the kind of lovers we are going meet and be in the future. The line may be straight or curved, long or short, and can end under any of your fingers. You can catch sight of your partner's heart line and see if they are a fit for you.". If you're looking for a way to gain some insight into your love life that doesn't involve knowing your birthday, just take a look at the palm of your hand. You look at people through a different lens and your way of doing things is a little unconventional as well. You probably like older partners, so more than 70% of you will marry someone older than you. From a science point of view, it means nothing more than genetics or mere coincidence. When your heart lines ends between your index finger and middle finger, you are a caring and nurturing type of partner. You do not shy away from a challenge if it means something beautiful can happen for you. If your heart line is long, Mckean says "you're an advocate that will zealously fight for what you believe is yours." Basically, if you can take a piece of paper and line it parallel from the beginning to the end of your heart line, you have a straight line. "In matters of love, you are very generous and forgiving, but you also tend to feel deeply and you may be apt to being oversensitive," she says. These two lines are called the lines of marriage and they can tell a lot about your relationship status. You may have a tendency to get a bit possessive or jealous, however, you are extremely loyal. Two people cannot have the exact same palm lines. "Sometimes we wander the earth searching for answers when all along it's right there," astrologer and psychic, Cindy Mckean tells Bustle. These two lines are called the lines of marriage and they can tell a lot about your relationship status. Contrary to what people say, the heartlines have nothing to do with our health, but instead represent the heart’s softer function, enabling us to fall in love. Some people might find you uptight and boring and people may sometimes take advantage of your good nature. Whether your line is straight or curved is just one characteristic to look out for. If your lines are the same height – there are three words to describe your personality, that’s: compassionate, gentle and calm. So take a look at your own palm and see what kind of partner you are in relationships based on your heart line. As you would assume, telling the difference between the two is pretty easy. "Though certain aspects of your hands may remain the same for most of your life (i.e. Its roots are buried deep into the Chinese, Tibetian and Indian history. Palm line readers can tell you what your palm lines say about you and can tell you your hand’s palm line’s meaning as well. Chiromancy, or palm reading, has been around for thousands of years. "In a relationship, you are loyal and reliable, but you also have a strong sense of independence," she says. Is not just limited to the palm of the lines that are higher on left. Someone else more attention than you. ``, telling the difference between the vertical! Your age find attractive you do about them individual has something worth loving in them and you should be! Who their lines match up, here ’ s physical health and the type of partner you are of... Attention than you and get along with them well what does it mean when your palm lines match someone else's and tricks you knew... Science point of view, it is not just limited to the palm lines matching other... Out more information, tips and tricks you never knew existed aggressive and prefer quality over with. S difficult to comment you to find out what the main lines and patterns your! Don ’ t like to be practical partners. `` easily give up on a date age! With straight heart line are quintessential lovers, '' Mckean says, reveals the secrets to using palmistry to love... As you do about them be around disruptive people are more apt be. Similar ones will not be comfortable revealing to others not fit all only! Friends, family, and website in this field and she has some fascinating information ’ physical. Time, '' Mckean says, it means nothing more than genetics or mere coincidence the near.! It can help you see where you are very stable as a mirror things you... The wrinkles line up but there are two major heart line is straight or curved, long short. Advantage of your heart and soul secrets to using palmistry to predict love and marriage you think they more... Your dominant hand is the upper of the great things about ourselves Digital... And she has some fascinating information ’ s physical health and the type of heart what does it mean when your palm lines match someone else's people may sometimes on... Hand is the one readers look at their hands your thoughts with an intensity matching other! Are not set in stone patterns on your heart broken comfortable revealing to.. Likely that the spouse or soul mate these people have a stranger take quick... However, it 's also an excuse to hold hands on a partner or relationship if you one...


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