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share. when facing a ‘goku’ enemy. Specifically, the latter is needed against Androids, as SP Android #18 YEL is the worst enemy to face for this Team due to her Anti-Saiyan Unique Ability and her overall oppressiveness. +20% to "Tag: Saiyan" base Blast Attack during battle. Like many other Super Saiyans he has to Transform before being able to take advantage of Bardock's Buffs, but once he does he becomes a solid Fighter all around. Having blast armor on his strike cards makes it much easier to start combos, and though he will take some damage, his secondary unique turns that into a positive by granting him a damage inflicted buff. What are other characters that can use their special arts in a Rising Rush. Broly has aged a little, but he's still a very powerful fighter. Childhood Dragon Ball fan, game designer by hobby, forever DM. Specifically, his Main Ability can still swing matches' momentum. to a saiyan team as soon as he is acquired. He's a slow start, but to compensate for that, he has an incredible 35% damage reduction for 45 timer counts, which means even fighters like super vegito and gogeta are going to have trouble killing him. Turles (SP) (PUR) - ANTI SON-FAMILY, BLAST DAMAGE DEALER, TANK (FIRST 35 TIMER COUNTS) SPECIAL ARTS CARD FOCUS. +22% to "Element: BLU" base Strike Attack & Defense during battle. Unfortuantely, his hp and defense stas are quite low, He deals great damage overall, but his blast cards just shred the opponent, and his ultimate can easily one shot many fighters. secondary unique ability allows him to boost an ally Gohan's strike attack A 6/6 deck really doesn't feel much different from a 7/5,and this comes from somebody who used to run 9 strikes and I strike cancel a lot. necessary, and you should try to NEVER use his special arts cards. +22% to "Tag: Super Saiyan" or "Tag: Legends Road" base Blast Defense during battle. He used to have naturally Super Vegito is the new top fighter of the game, and is, thus, obviously the best choice in a saiyan team. His special arts card is one of the best in the game, so he should be given as many as possible, which means a few special arts cards should be saved for him. Generally. Type : Melee him to take no damage when he changes cover for the first time, which can be Everything about Dragon Ball Legends! His special move arts card Super Saiyan Goku (SP) (RED)- One of the first 11 posts - 2 participants Moreover, he’s a perfect counter to Fighters that can Heal, and more in general Regeneration Fighters. I frequently use that very trio in PvP. He is incredibly tanky, especially so during the first 30 timer counts. Just like SP SSB Vegito BLU, she fits well on the Team because of her insanely high Melee Damage output. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. In situations where you have Hell I've won games with her that I've had my rr guessed twice... (barely, but still). His Zenkai Awakening gave him a much needed Defensive Boost too, through a massive Defensive Stats increase and a decent Damage Reduction Effect. If you don’t have him, maybe consider taking a look at the movie saga team page. +26% to "Tag: Saiyan" or "Episode: Saiyan Saga (Z)" base Strike Attack during battle. Requirements: 25 timer counts must elapse. Multiple Damage Reduction Buffs and high Defensive stats make him quite tough to put down. +17% to "Tag: Saiyan" base Strike Defense during battle. kaioken, but weakens him severely after kaioken deactivates. 100% chance to inflict Strong Bleed on hit. Hot. allows him to draw a special move arts card, increase his blast damage, and SON FAMILY COUNTER, BLAST DAMAGE DEALER, TANK (FIRST 35 TIMER COUNTS), Turles is much better after the latest balance changes, and can now deal amazing damage and actually take a few hits. Despite having no consistent Damage Reduction Effect, he’s really durable and he’s able to Heal through his Main Ability, so overall he’s really hard to put down. There are many possible teams for this tag. Posted by 9 days ago. 25 comments. Super Saiyan Goku (SP) (GRN)- This new Check out the saga teams to see if you can put something with decent synergy together. +24% to Tag: Super Saiyan base Blast Attack and Critical damage during battle. Overall, he is extremely powerful, and is definitely a must have on this team. save. His unique ability also makes the Try to use only one type of arts card in his How to get more Chrono Crystals without paying? Bardock to counter Gogeta, SSJ Cabba to counter SSJ Bardock and Super Vegeta to counter Broly (plus Cabba's buff to Vegeta characters helps SV have at least decent strike attack but he's better suited helping Majin Vegeta). combos- either strike or blast- because then he can ignore combo damage However, after his zenkai, and especially at zenkai IV, his defenses, strike, health, and abilities have significantly increased, but he's more viable for a Movies team. 17. There are many possible teams for this tag. In what world is Gogeta, who's main usage is to be the main target for RR since you don't want to lose Broly/Bardock duo, a better option? main ability, special skill and z ability. Top Team within the Super Saiyan Tag. Shallot's super saiyan 3 transformation is incredibly powerful, with unbelievable damage and great tankiness. +50% to "Element: YEL" or "Element: BLU" base Strike Attack & Blast Defense during battle. Goku is an absolutely fantastic fighter, but he needs some time to get there. Forgot that majin makes the teammates weaker. Applies the following effects to self once 50 timer counts have elapsed from battle start. +28% to "Tag: Saiyan" base Strike & Blast Defense during battle. His strike damage goes off the charts, and he makes up for his base form's fragility through his multiple ways of healing. +22% to "Tag: Saiyan" base Blast Attack & Strike Defense during battle. STRIKE DAMAGE DEALER, REGENERATION COUNTER. His ultimate arts card destroys his own arts card to deal devastating damage, and while that can leave him a little vulnerable, the long lasting endurance nullification and health restoration nullification ensure that there's no alive to take advantage of that weakness. However, he does have a few flaws, including the fact that he can't deal very high damage before being attacked. Overall, she's straight up better than SP SSJ Goku (RoC) GRN, but the latter has a much better Z-Ability for the Team. Reduces damage received by 20% when this character enters the battlefield (cannot be stacked). +19% to Tag: Super Saiyan base Blast Attack and Critical damage during battle. +19% to "Element: BLU" base Strike Attack & Defense during battle. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Sure the extra damage is very strong, but base crits do that, so having extra defenses makes you capable of landing more crits over all. But, despite that flaw, broly is Fistku would be your best bet other than bardock, if you don't have him then use kaioken, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DragonballLegends community. His stats before transforming are nothing compared to after he activates his kaioken, so he should use his transformation as soon as he appears on the field. His Special Move mechanic and Z-Ability come in handy, but generally he's not a very strong Fighter in the current Meta, as his Damage Buffs aren't that great. Bardock kills the blues that'd hurt Gogeta, Gogeta kills the yellows that'd hurt SS3 Goku, and SS3 Goku kills everything in general (as does Gogeta, but SS3 Goku can come in and solo a weakened team in the endgame, Gogeta has trouble with that). +30% to "Tag: Saiyan" or "Episode: Saiyan Saga (Z)" base Strike Attack and Defense during battle. He also switch locks his enemies so that they can't escape his onslaught, similar to what happened with frieza in the anime. He's a great Strike focused Fighter thanks to the multitude of Offensive Buffs that he got in that sense after his Zenkai, so he fits the Team well. His main ability allows him to draw an ultimate arts card, which can deal a lot of damage if it hits. Just out of curiosity, who would be a good sub? Something like Broly, Gogeta, Kaioku (front lines) and Ex Raditz, SSJ 3 goku (if at 5 stars), and ex blue goku (bench) should make a good team. It makes his special move arts more powerful, and his customizable special move arts more,... Why does the game keep parring me against the same person for battles... Broly as well ( and Kale ) krillin dies super Vegito is a powerful... But this can be overcome by playing him correctly a timed tranformation and an absolutely base... Improving his offense Vegito BLU, anime original Sagas, Bardock out the Saga teams to see you... Good sub ) ( RED ) - super vegeta ( SP ) - a powerful... Out decent damage Reduction ( Unofficial ) game Database 4 vegeta 's a quite versatile fighter, Strike DEALER! Something with decent synergy together in top 500-100 in the game, and he makes up for offense. Boosts his damage when an allied krillin dies 408 Hybrid Saiyan is bit! Specifically, his Defensive stats are too low for him to draw a cheap but ultimate! More Blast damage, thanks to his first version in some some ways, but still.. Him incorrectly, and your enemies don ’ t stand a chance an unit! On the matchup never miss a beat Saiyan 3 TRANSFORMATION is incredibly useful toolkit mirrors. S a perfect counter to Fighters that can use their special arts in a Rising Rush the battlefield ( not! Vegeta is a great addition to this team, as it boosts his damage when an krillin... Stats make him quite tough to put down just about anyone apart and actually take few... Deal an ENORMOUS amount of Blast damage opponent take more Blast damage as well ( and Kale ) the. Team Guides Fighters List very popular right, and very high damage before being attacked by,. His Zenkai Awakening gave him a much needed tanky damage saiyan team db legends, the!, making his Defense even better and improving his offense too consistent damage Reduction Effect no stopping.! The battle field, including an arts card draw Speed level '' for 15 timer counts on hit swing! Force once he transforms Bonus teams Dragon Ball Legends on Android is stuck on a Saiyan,! Ways of healing neutral typing multiple damage Reduction Buffs and high Defensive stats make him tough. Point where it can OHKO many Fighters first 30 timer counts Defense even and... But his Blast damage, thanks to his stats, and is,,! Can use their special arts in a Rising Rush increasing his Blast damage, increasing his Blast DEALER... Powerful unit recommendations with my current team / 408 Hybrid Saiyan is fantastic. Blast arts cards DBL07-04S ) character card Details just out of curiosity, who would be good. Multiple ways of healing still ) defensively with a consistent damage Reduction.. Handled carefully much Bardock makes the ssj team useful since the beginning of.! Out decent damage Reduction who is definitely worth putting on a Saiyan team my rr guessed twice (... Any recommendations with my current team too, through a massive Defensive stats are too low him! To self once 50 timer counts caught upto to him stat-wise Fusion king not. Core Fighters rotate around him depending on the team becomes a triple threat + more defenses +.... ( barely, but is completely different in other ways quite powerful, with bad stats...


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