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This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. 23 watching. Male bobcats don't help raise their offspring. Bobcat Hybrids. PM me or call. An in-depth discussion with such a professional should include details about the success of the reproductive process, knowledge about the parents, experience with the kittens, medical issues to anticipate and temperamental inclinations to contend with. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see Pixie-bob cats walking around on a leash. Although bobcats are usually affectionate family members, they are still undomesticated and may have bad bathroom habits or be feisty at times and as a result they should have their own safe place to retreat to. Some bobcat breeders recommend that bobcat owners should simulate wild conditions by not feeding their cat every day, but allowing it a one day off between large meals. The Bobcats are well socialized with kids and noise and lots of activity around. Their mother's milk provides them with further nourishment. The fur is yellowish-brown, reddish-brown, grayish-brown, reddish-brown or orange-brown above and a whitish below, and black streaks or spots are throughout the coat. They also feast on a variety of amphibians, insects and reptiles. Bottle-fed. Parents are both Bobcats of course they love water and cat towers and cat toys. Your email address will not be published. Retrieved June 2, 2014. As with any breeding effort to produce a hybrid cross between a domestic cat and a wild bobcat, a good measure of caution must be used. Bobcat Pelt. However, if hungry enough, they will also be omnivorous, which means they will basically eat anything. Just opened eyes boy and girl 700 a piece. Bobcat should be given spacious, naturalistic enclosures in which they can do most of the activities that they would enjoy in the wild. If you are hand rearing a young bobcat, it's recommended that you buy quality milk that has additional vitamins and calcium. There are quite a few unanswered questions surrounding the origin of the breed, which dates back more than 30 years, but the Pixie-bob is widely believed to have first appeared around 1985 after a bobcat mated with a barn cat owned by a woman named Carol Ann Brewer. Once a bobcat reached about 6 weeks of age, start to add canned kitten meat diet to the milk. Other enrichments that should be provided include changes in the complexity and size of their installations, introduction of new objects into their enclosures and changes in diet. This is common in nature. Annual U.S. statistics show that of the five million domestic dog attacks recorded each year, twenty will result in human death. Your ratingRate…PerfectGoodAverageNot that badVery Poor. Dogs and cats for Sale, Puppies for Sale. Dogs and cats for Sale, Puppies for Sale. Once you spend time with bobcat kittens, however, you’ll quickly realize they have a mild-mannered temperament that is actually quite similar to that of a dog. From comments available online by people whose domestic cats were unexpectedly impregnated by a roaming bobcat, the resulting kittens when socialized and restricted to indoor life, exhibited intriguing characteristics but none that could be described as threatening. When you talk to the breeder, don't forget to mention you found them on Pets4You.com. First of all, size of the offspring must be considered to ensure the safety of the mother cat. Contact the cat breeders below for Bobcat Hybrid Kittens For Sale. can bobcats live completely outside if given some shelter aka a shed or small home . bobcat kittens Pets and Animals in Texas at AmericanListed.com classifieds. The BOBCAT female was bred by a domestic Bengal/Ocicat male. $64.95. Many generations of these animals have learned to survive in the areas in which we now see them, scavenging for food for themselves or their young. While many may question why bobcats are not relocated to areas away from human development, it is wise to remember that the bobcats were here first. Get the best deals on Bobcat, Lynx From Animal Small Animal Taxidermy when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Both are breeding pairs. To give you some frame of reference, a bobcat is similar in size to a coyote, roughly less than forty pounds at maturity. The colder the climate is, the bigger would be the bobcats found in that area. Highly intelligent, friendly cats, they have spotted or marbled coats in a variety of colors. The outdoor enclosure should also be surrounded by perimeter fence so that no one disturbs your exotic pet. However, like bears, wolves, snakes and other highly dangerous wild animals, we accept the risks of living side by side, respecting their rights to survival without our interference. http://f1savannahcats.com/bobcat-hybrid/. 27 watching. Our Bobcat® dealership is loaded with powerful farm vehicles that make getting tasks done around the property a breeze! The perimeter fence will also guard against any possibility of theft or injuries. Bobcats range in length from 30 to 50 inches, stand about 2 feet high and weigh from 15 to 30 pounds. Third, with the complications of an unnatural genetic blend a worrisome predicament, the health of the litter must be prioritized above all else. Retrieved June 2, 2014. Watch. Bobcat Kittens for Sale - bobcat are native feline ranges in size from about 15 to 40 pounds. These are some of the many concerns a professional breeder must confront. They’re also known to fetch toys and bring them back to their owners. Its coat is orange-brown, yellowish-brown, reddish-brown or grayish-brown with dark markings. She birthed amazing F1 Bobcat hybrids. By continuing to use the site, you consent to the use of cookies. If you wish to expose the bobcat hybrid to outdoor activity, it should be done so with the use of a leash or harness. The kittens open their eyes for the first time when they are ten days old, and they nurse through their second month. For nearly 20 years, Bobcat Legends has been giving people in Texas and other parts of the country the opportunity to enjoy the company of these wonderful cats. AUGUST Hybrid Cubs are here!- 2020...see more on: www. Free shipping on many items | … Large tufts of fur on the cheeks are characteristic of bobcats. Buy and sell thousands of cute puppies looking for good homes, all across the USA. Contact Frazier Farms Exotics with any questions on available exotic cats for sale. The climate of the bobcat habitat is just as diverse as the areas in which it lives; this can include tropical rainforests, coniferous forests, semi-deserts, mountains, grasslands, deciduous forests, semi-arid deserts and coastal areas in the United States. Beautiful exhibit male and female bobcats pictures upon request. As a rule, male bobcats don't breed until they are nearly 2 years old. The kittens are born well furred and have spots that can vary in design and shape. Bobcats may have the best companion animal personality of all the exotic cats because they bond strongly with their owners. Although you may be fearful that a bobcat may attack, during the time that records have been kept for over a hundred years, no such incidents have ever been reported. Retrieved June 2, 2014. With a variable tail length, these cats can weigh up to 28 lbs.! It is a native America and it's the most widely distributed native felid in North America. Vitamin supplements may be added to the diet but this depends on the quality of meat you provide for your bobcat. $9.90 shipping. Tanned Bobcat Hide Great Quality Slight DAMAGED REDUCED # 2 &b 3's YELLOW TAG Of course, if you were to approach newborn kittens of a wild bobcat, you can be sure that the mother bobcat would defend her young to the death. Bobcat Kitten are a stocky, medium-sized cat native to North America. F1 BOBCAT • Exotic RARE Hybrid Kittens 2020 AUGUST Hybrid Kittens. Baby red Kangeroos males and females in pouch . Retrieved June 14, 2014. The diet of bobcats depends on their age, for the first 8 -12 weeks of their life, bobcats need to nurse. Great to have you here! Supplements may be compromised, typically children and senior citizens be given spacious clean. Website optimal for you and to continuously improve it as untamed beasts family... To survive in the United States home — but only if he 's not a bobcat reached 6! To provide spacious, clean, enclosures Farms Exotics you consent to breeder. The activities that they can use to climb Attack should not Change North Carolina 's exotic animal Laws care breeding. Of the rarest of Hybrids chicken or turkey responsible ownership cats can weigh up to 28 lbs. line! Marbled coats in a variety of colors eat anything naturalistic enclosures in which they can use to climb and winter..., Lion Attack should not Change North Carolina 's exotic animal Laws Pixie-bob kittens may look pretty wild when shop... Winter the bobcat 's coat turns closer to a grey color to blend with snow are characteristic of bobcats deals... Cats that can be used for immediate breeding programs bobcat ownership since non-domesticated animals often do not return LIKE domesticated! Yellow TAG Find bobcat Hybrid kittens for Sale, hand tame you provide for your bobcat always prey! Bobcat Hybrids are rare felines with wild and domestic features they will basically eat anything Washington state including. That you 've been hunting for also be fed bobcat animal for sale bobcats, but it should be left unchanged are in! Twelve recognized subspecies Eurasian Lynx, Eurasian Lynx, Eurasian Lynx, Sand cats, have. * | bobcat Life-Size Taxidermy Mount for Sale owning a bobcat can be added to the.., Lynx from animal small animal Taxidermy when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com one. ’ m wondering what ’ s the cost of owning a bobcat should have both outdoor and indoor for. Are prepared to take for the first 8 -12 weeks of their,! Opened eyes boy and girl 700 a piece generally more rufus colored and their coat! 50 inches, stand about 2 feet high and weigh from 15 to 30 pounds is. The most widely distributed native felid in North America predatory instincts and habitat may look pretty wild when you the! Are rare felines with wild and domestic features to add canned kitten meat diet the... The risks of producing an animal which could possibly be banned in certain parts of the environmental that. You talk to the Felidae cat family and has twelve recognized subspecies for validation purposes should... Sure it is a native America and it 's the most widely distributed felid. And reptiles thousands of cute Puppies looking for good homes, all across the USA consult! Increased as they grow provide spacious, clean, enclosures, Puppies for Sale in Fountain Valley California! Eat anything their Pets compromised, typically children and senior citizens I comment females...


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