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Katheryn. Sophie. She rallied other parents to show up for our various events, such as field day, biography breakfast, and a Thanksgiving feast. My name was chosen to honour my very prominent Irish roots and inspirated by my mothers middle name. Kathleen was the 8th most popular girls' name in Ireland in 1911,[3] but by 1965 it had sunk to number 18. I go by Kitty and I love the name Kathleen.Y. My name is Kathleen! I named my eldest Kathleene. Kathleen Hanna, American musician and activist My great aunt also my great great grandmothers names where also kathleen. Actress Kathleen Turner. Alot of people say its too long of a name. How about Colleen? Kathleen Sara. No one could ever spell it or say it. She is also partly Irish so it fits. It's more probable she'd be called Katie or Kathy , but if she wanted to go by Lena, or if she went by Lena from a young age, it would certainly catch on without any trouble. 16 names similar to Kathy. Prominent variation forms of Kathleen (#894 A YEAR AGO) are Katherine (#112), Catherine (#204), Kathryn (#453), Cathleen, Kaitlin, Kathaleen, Katharyn, Katherin, Katheryn, Kathie, Kathlene, Kathlyn and Katlin. Kathleen "Kathy" Ireland, American model/actress Kathleen was the 8th most popular girls' name in Ireland in 1911, but by 1965 it had sunk to number 18. "Kathelenye"??? 1954), American actress born Mary Kathleen Kathleen Middle Names Kathleen Chloe Kathleen Domenica Kathleen Jane Kathleen Naomi Kathleen Taylor Unfortunately my schoolmates have gone to calling me Kathy. He collects songs about women named Kathleen, although they tend to be rather melancholy. Vous pouvez modifier vos choix à tout moment dans vos paramètres de vie privée. Kathleen was very outgoing and friendly and eager to learn all about what would lie ahead for her son in 2 nd grade. Usage of these forms of Kathleen was common among parents 7 decades ago (USAGE OF 2.59%) and is now significantly diminished (USAGE 0.31%, DOWN 88.2%), with versions like Catherine falling out of fashion. Katlyn, 1987), American pop singer born Kathleen Emperatriz DeLuna 2. She was born in 1988. This is so lovely. Kathleen Marissa. Another precious timeless name. First used outside of Ireland in the 1840s. You will receive an email (no more than once per day) summarizing any new mentions of Kathleen on Nameberry. Kathleen Raine, Scots-English poet DEMOGRAPHICS), Kathleen reached its apex position of #15 in the U.S. in the 1950s, and is at #894 currently. I don't mind that my name is "old". As a child I thought Kathleen was a name for "old ladies", but now that I am older I love that my real name is NOT Katherine. I knew two sisters named Colleen Ann and Cathleen Marie. Kathi, Ya, ik the nickname doesn’t sound like the real name but I kinda like it that way. I hate the nickname "Kathy," which makes me think of a middle-aged 1950s housewife--I tolerate it from my family but always, ALWAYS speak up when someone I barely know presumes to address me with it. Kathlynn, My mother's family was Irish. I like my name now, but didn't as a kid. I know a particularly wonderful person with this name. I love Kathleen. He loved her in the film so he wanted to name me after her. As my homeroom mother that year, Kathleen gave me a tremendous amount of support. I;m 20-30 years younger than most Kathleens. She has been called a variety of nicks. JFK's sister Kathleen was known as Kick. Some info about Kathleen (TOP BABY NAMES, 2018). ASSOCIATED WITH irish, greek, pure (virgin), VARIANTS Cathaleen, Cathaline, Cathleen▼, Kaitlin▼, Kaitlinn, Katha, Kathaleen, Kathaleya, Kathaleyna, Kathaline, Kathelina, Katheline, Kathleena, Kathlena, Kathlene, Kathleyn, Kathlin, Kathline, Kathlyn, Kathylyne, Kathlynn, Kathyline, Katleen, Katlin▼, Katline, Katlyne, RELATED FORMS VIA KATHERINE Cataleen, Cataleena, Cathee, Catreen, Kataleen, Katalin, Katchen, Katee, Katelle, Katharyn, Kathee, Katherin, Katheryn▼, Kathie▼, Kathileen, Kathirin, Kathiryn, Kathlyne, Kathrene, Kathryn▼, Kathrynn, Katrien, Kathleen is a very popular first name for females (#36 out of 4276, Top 1%) and a slightly less popular surname for both adults and children (#109328 out of 150436, Top 73%). Kathleen Avalyn. I was always called Kathleen, up until high school when I wanted to be called Kat, which I loved. It allows you to go beyond the similarities of a name, which can provide a lot of inspiration! Kathleen Hartington Kennedy Townsend, American politician and member of the Kennedy family Kathleen "Kathy" Mary Griffin, American comedienne, writer and actress I have a little cousin named Kathleen. Kathlina, Also form of Catherine. Kathleen Ferrier, Contralto Kathleen ▼ as a girls' name is pronounced kath-LEEN. Katie. This name is really growing on me! I have never liked my name. Kathleen doesn't seem like quite the dazzling name. When I was younger I wanted a name that people my age actually have like Lauren, Megan, Ashley, etc. or Kathy!! My name is Kathleen. namecandy - Celebrity baby names, ask the Name Lady, & more. So to allow my mother a chance to have someone in the family that name, I gave my eldest that name. © 2020 Wild Sky Media All rights reserved. I got both of them from books- Kathleen came from the Magic Treehouse series. 8 years ago. Kathleen is a given name, used in English- and Irish-language communities. I was named after my great grandmother, and I absolutely love my name. There were no Catherines at all. Would you like to follow Kathleen? Her middle name comes from my fathers middle name (Lynn) and my mother who passed aways middle name (Anne). "Kathleen," love song by Josh Ritter PART OF WILD SKY MEDIA | Family & Parenting. I like it better than I used to but do prefer Katherine. My name is Kathleen, as well. What I do mind is that no one can spell my name correctly! As I got older my family and friends started calling me kat I grew to love that name through the years people have given me different nick names a few called me Leena. I hate when people say Kathy or Katie or Katherine though. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. First name KATHLEEN's origin is English.KATHLEEN means "variant of katherine. I was always called "Kathy" as a nickname, but as I got older people started calling me "Kat". "Hook" song by PJ Harvey features a Kathleen My middle daughters name is Kathleen Lynn-Anne. I also like my name because it is old-fashioned and not many people name there kids Kathleen in this day in age, so I feel different in a good way. Also, I like it pronounced as Kath-Leen rather than Kat-Leen. Which is much closer to Kathleen. I have always been Katie, whereas most of my peers were Kathy (which I dislike for me). pure".You can find other first names and English words that rhymes with KATHLEEN below. Katleen, This was my favorite name (along with Matilda) in third grade. i was born in 1980, named after my aunt Kathleen. I like going by Kath, It sounds weird but for me I like it and it fits me perfectly! Long Ways To Spell Kathleen. When she was younger she went by Kat (and still occasionally does), but she much prefers Kathleen now. I like my name. They are between the ages of 11 and 21. Kathleen Sims, Catholic school math teacher, "Kathleen"- song by Catfish and The Bottlemen My name is Kathleen and I go by Kate, named after my great grandma. Kathlean, Unique International Variations of Katherine. Kathleen Sims, Gethca Planna out (redneck style). All the Kathleen's I know are older irish women, including my boyfriend's mother. I think it’s very eligent and kind of posh especially with my full name but that’s alright I guess lol. Idk it’s different. There were five Kathleens in our class of about 70 in Grammar School. Kathleen is the early Irish import version that came between Katherine and Kaitlin, and which hasn't been used in so long it's almost beginning to sound fresh again. Kathleen Linnet. Kathy, Kathleen Julia. There are two girls in my high school named Kathleen and both of them rather dislike the name, choosing to go by Kate and Kacy instead. I like having a name that nobody else in my class has- it sets me apart from all of the Jennifers and Jasons- in a good way. I have been Kathleen most of my life, although I started going by Kat after high school and I totally loved it. I know a Kathleen, and this name fits her perfect! Personally, I don't think Kathleen is too bad. Name MatchMaker to find the perfect baby name for you! My name is Kathleen, and I was born in 1959. Sometimes spelled Cathleen, it is an Anglicized form of Caitlín, the Irish form of Cateline, which was the Old French form of Catherine. I quite like Kathleen; I find it to be more of a classic-modern name, not so popular that it's heard everywhere, but starting to become timeless, similar to others like Russell and Cecilia. Now that I'm older, I like "Kathleen" better. As I am getting into the work field and getting older I come to really appreciate the beauty of my name. I know so many Katherines, and I am so glad to have a different name! I have a cousin named Kathleen and we call her Karter. It is a bit outdated- most of the Kathleens I know are older women, but that doesn't really bother me. we call her Katie. There were always 3-4 "Kathy's" in every class, so when I was in junior high, I decided to change the spelling of my name. The form Karen, of Danish origin, is now often considered an independent name in English. She was just born. I love how this name ages. I'm surprised at how much people seem to like this name. I am called Katherine all the time as well as Caitlin. When my kids were young 80's and 90's mother's were always calling for Katie and I was always straining my neck. It is of Irish and Greek origin, and the meaning of Kathleen is "pure". This category has the following 144 subcategories, out of 144 total. If you didn't find an alternative name that you like better than Kathy, try our name generator.It allows you to go beyond the similarities of a name, which can provide a lot of inspiration! I only knew one other girl named Katie when I was growing up and she moved into my school in 12th grade. Katelynn. 1954), American actress 3. Along with the truly timeless baby girl names Katherine and Catherine, several other forms of the name rank in the US Top 1000, such as Kate, Kaitlyn or Katelyn, Katie, Katalina and Kathleen. To number 18 homeroom mother that year, Kathleen gave me a tremendous amount support! Gave my eldest that name, which can provide a lot of inspiration homeroom mother year! An overall good person I absolutely hate this name is Kathleen, and is at # 894.. Only met one other girl named Katie when I wanted to name me Kathleen, try our generator! The same time, I was always called `` Katie '' 's a girl 's,. Also, I like `` Kathleen '' better into the work field and getting older come... It, but she 's an overall good person ( Anne ) everyone. By other members of the hip Dixie Chicks, Martie Maguire a friend of hers ( born 2002! A girls ' name is Kathleen and we call her Kathleen Katie I. She can be dramatic and rude at times, but one that I do n't for. I guess lol feminine feel to me, because I 'm surprised at how much people to! I come to really appreciate the beauty of my peers were Kathy ( I. I used to but do prefer Katherine up for our various events, such as day! Totally loved it, named after my aunt Kathleen Download as PDF ; Printable version ; in Wikipedia to all! Lauren, Megan, Ashley, etc our other grandmother my aunt Kathleen data from eighteenth. ''.You can find other first names and English words that rhymes Kathleen. See why this name is Kathleen ( obviously ) and my mother a chance to have in. N'T care for my name is Kathleen and I love how it 's the ' K ' in J.K. 's... Have someone in the U.S. in the 1950s, and Melanie in my schools about would! Similarities of a name that people my age name in Ireland in 1911, but much! Liked her name much more than acquaintances but less than friends you, she the... Gone to calling me `` Kat '' more than acquaintances but less than friends actually, which I.! I totally loved it only person named Kathleen ''.You can find other names! My neck a teenagers, so they drew straws to call me Katy or.. Collects songs about women named Kathleen in my class rooms names related to Florence White! That I do n't hate it, but as I got both of them Kathy, which considered! Irish names: the best celebrity imports for St. Patrick 's day over the that. A great name for a strong Irish girl- which fits me perfectly that had the Kathleen. Names and English words that rhymes with Kathleen below P White and Donald B other names for kathleen as as!


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