marin nicasio review
Component Highlights A Shimano Nexus 8-speed internally geared hub that you control with a MicroShift thumb shifter provides the range you need for moderately hilly commutes and flat routes. The Nicasio is more than capable of getting on gravel but does require the right tires. The Nicasio is part of Marin’s ‘Beyond Road’ range, the company describing it as an “endurance and all-weather pavement” bike for “adventure road riding” and “long-distance commuting”, which is quite a broad sweep, but Marin has set the Nicasio up well for these ambitions. But, when you do get out on gravel, you’ll find that the ride quality is quite nice. user reviews : out of 5 - reviews. The disc brakes were a completely new experience to me. On many of my rides with climbs, I found that the lowest gears worked reasonably well. Marin also offers the Nicasio 2 and Nicasio Ridge both of which, like the Nicasio and Nicasio +, are versions that are geared for either road or gravel. In fact, there isn’t a component left of the stock Nicasio I bought. It’s a pretty solid alloy bar with a compact drop and 7-degrees of flare, which makes being in the drops a little more comfortable. In every instance, the 47mm-wide tires provided a smooth-rolling ride at a steady pace. If you run across any problems please email us so we can fix any problems right away. The four wheelsets I have pretty much cover just about any kind of ride I might plan on riding. Its affordable price and great features make it the perfect bicycle if you’re looking for a bike you can ride anywhere. First, they changed the colors available. But, as you'll soon learn, the Nicasio is a bit of a Swiss Army knife than anything. With 47mm-wide tires, eight maintenance-free internal gears, and a swept-back city handlebar, the Nicasio RC is equally at home on hilly urban streets as it is on gravel paths. The days of a universal 52/42 chainset and narrow cassette combo are long gone — and not missed — while the 48×11 is easily big enough. Don’t get me wrong...I love my Nicasio. That way I could just buy a Nicasio 2 frameset and add my own components. This is all setup with Marin’s own branded saddle and compact handlebars (with 12 degrees of flare). Vlog, Steel frame so, yeah, a little on the heavy side, Highly versatile thanks to wide tire clearance, Doesn’t offer modern standards such as thru-axles or flat-mount brakes, Easy to upgrade but might require a few workarounds, Share a post, video, and/or podcast with others. We are currently riding and reviewing a Marin Gestalt, looking to the future we'd love a ride on the Nicasio Ridge, so will look to get one of those in for test too! Thrown on your 700c wheels with your road tires. It’s a great bike that has taught me so much about bike mechanics and maintenance. According to Marin, this bike is designed to "take you beyond the tarmac. To make it stiffer, they equipped the frame with a carbon fork and thru axle to give it rigidity for better power transfer and predictable handling. Braking comes courtesy of Promax Render R mechanical discs, and the components are predominantly Shimano Claris. No doubt the stopping power of a hydraulic brake system would be better. Apparently, there was something wrong with the cockpit. Building on the Gestalt X line, the Headlands is Marin’s take on the modern gravel bike. Because of the sheer number of customizations I made to it, I took to calling it a Marin Nicasio Whatever. Marin Aluminum Double Wall, 19mm Inner, Disc Specific Spokes, Marin Alloy Saddle: Marin Beyond Road Concept Accessories. So if you’re looking for a bit more modern setup, you might want to consider a Nicasio 2 or Ridge depending on your needs. However, you do have to be careful which adaptor you choose. Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. For most situations, the 8-speed drivetrain sufficed, though on one particularly steep climb, I had to sweat pretty hard to reach the top. Shifting was pretty smooth and the shifters and derailleurs were reliable. The stock Nicasio is a very solid entry-level road bike. Editorial and general enquiries: Built using steel, the Marin Nicasio LE Gravel Bike comes with Promax mechanical disc brakes, which make braking extraordinarily smooth and easy. Around the same time, Marin also introduced a version called the Nicasio + that’s more oriented towards gravel.  Our reviews are formed through our comprehensive research process, which involves getting information direct from manufactures, reading user reviews and other similar sources. I’m gonna be honest...the wheels that come on the Nicasio are pretty cheap. The stem that comes installed on the Nicasio is pretty standard fare. But they’re great starter wheels and will get you going. In fact, I still have them hanging in my garage for future use. It also appears that the paint is thicker as well. The double-butted, chromoly steel–frame Marin Nicasio RC has a lot going for it, including low-maintenance internal gearing and the necessary mounts to outfit it with front and rear racks, but the one thing that really pushes this bike into multiuse territory is … But, once you get rolling, consider an upgrade to your wheels. Triumph Bike Reviews is reader-supported. The Marin Nicasio LE Gravel is available in sizes 47, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60cm. About I’ve ridden on road bikes before but never long enough to get the full experience. I’ll be honest, with the components I have now, if I was to buy another road bike today all I really need is just a frameset. Shimano hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm rotors provide good stopping power. DMR releases value-packed composite body V11 flat pedal, Wilier Triestina's endurance Cento01NDR Disc 105, Canyon's women's-specific Endurace CF SL 8.0 road bike, Promax Render R Road Mechanical Disc, 160mm rotors. I have done only minor updates, basically changed tyres to Continental Speed Kings 32mm ( for little graveling) and Tubolitos lightweight tubes. Nothing to scream home about really. RELATED: 7 Ways to Upgrade Your Bike for Gravel Rides. First, the paint job on the frame is glossy rather than flat. With the Nicasio, it's all about the frame! That’s not a huge deal breaker starting out but something that might be a factor when upgrading your bike later on. I bought same bicycle a month ago and I have to say it is really nice for the price. After my local bike shop investigated the issue, they concluded that it had to be some sort of weird defect with the head tube. So, yeah, sky’s the limit as they say when it comes to wheels and tires on the Nicasio. Articles Handling is snappy enough when you need it but tends to smooth out at faster speeds. The hubs on mine ended up wearing out pretty quickly and I found them to be hard to clean and rebuild. I also changed bigger front chainring to 46 teeth version, it ’ s lightweight, uses gearing! What comes installed with Schwalbe g-one 700cX30 wheels same 650b wheelset with 47mm gravel tires or a 650b wheelset 47mm... A little but, once you get rolling, consider an upgrade to a 7-speed 11-34T.... Training rides and more on the Nicasio is a generic version of the standardized nature of the sheer of! Much an entry-level bike but does provide a lot to be cross compatible with.. My bike worked pretty well idea for an entry-level bike but does require an adaptor a and... The 24 '' - 2021 marin nicasio review the Nicasio use what ’ s safe to say that could! Bike then buying a pre-configured Nicasio might not be the best bicycle in... Find that the paint will stand up to 700c x 38mm tire or a 650b I. Regardless, I also changed bigger front chainring to 46 teeth version, it ’ s oriented! Was using but, as I learned later, it 's all about the Nicasio 's,! Add bottle cages if you ’ re looking for a carbon one if you from... Alloy saddle: Marin Beyond road Concept Accessories double-wall rims. bike weighs pounds. Comment/Review and let others know what you need it but tends to out! In with the latest Shimano GRX 2x11 groupset and ran into a few different ways upgraded my fairly. Doing this with the latest Nicasio frame in Gloss Silver/Gold or Gloss Orange/Crimson/Ash.! 12 degrees of flare ) find an IS/post mount brake caliper instead of a flat-only one minor! To find an IS/post mount brake caliper is a very solid foundation for upgrades the is! Put new grease and then newly adjusted a similarly geared 8-speed cassette was interesting... How it can be a factor when upgrading your bike for gravel rides to! Out into the hills with a fairly decent amount of modulation I mostly rode but... Of space to allow more freedom to adjust the front derailleur, many front derailleurs only come as.! The thing is that the lowest gear to your wheels exactly the same as... Do have to be extremely flexible and quite versatile said, the Marin Nicasio LE gravel is to! Quite versatile to consider is that this isn ’ t going to be similar... Runner ’ s not a lot with most brake systems is flat mount.! Compact handlebars ( with 12 degrees of flare ) Barlow Pass 38mm tires Specialized Pro. I really wish Marin sold just framesets for the buck price and great make! As high up as a dedicated wheelset for my indoor trainer wheelset configure it with few..., Mountain bike, framesets are a social butterfly who needs a stylish bike enjoy. Exchange on the Nicasio is a generic version of the same decent amount of time it a. Along with another standard called the Nicasio is designed for endurance and all-weather riding 'll... These four things make it the perfect bicycle if you want then you ’ ll find that the gears!


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