honda accord vsa light reset
Which one of the HR-V configurations…, Here at Patty Peck Honda, we realize that there are plenty of options for Madison-area drivers shopping for a new pickup truck. We’re just a short drive from Madison and Brandon, MS. Sorry, no you probably need to get professional help. The procedure had to be carried out one more time to get the lights out. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Today is Jan. 2, 2019….I just did my 2011 Odyssey with this VSA/ABS and Power Sliding Doors issues and it did worked the first try..Thank you! Thanks! Are one or both of the ABS and/or VSA dash lights on your Honda as shown below staying on all the time? If you have an actual legitimate fault or failure it will not help and you will need to visit a repair shop. Great Tom, happy to hear it worked for you! IS THIS PROBLEM AFFECT IDDLING?MINE HAVE THE LIGHTS ON THE DASH AND AFTER STARTING,FEW SECONDS THEY ALLUMINATE AND THE ENGEN TURNS OFF. Thanks for the sharing. THANK YOU! I swapped the battery and a “FCW system failed” warning light came on. Pass this on. Thank you for publishing these instructions. If the indicator remains on, or comes back on while driving, have the VSA system inspected by your Acura dealer. Thank you very much Rob. Basically, when I did the short, I managed to blow not one but two fuses. Worked on 2nd try on my 2010 Accord Coupe. Found some plastic still attached to the knuckle inside between the speed sensor and bearing. If the triangle with exclamation point Honda warning light (aka, VSA® light) comes on while you’re driving, pull to the side of the road, somewhere safe, and turn off your engine. Thanks for letting us know of your success! Another annoying side effect of the VSA/ABS lights being illuminated (besides the fact that the important safety features of anti-lock braking and stability assist are disabled), is the two power sliding rear doors on the Odyssey will not open with the engine running. Really appreciate the work you did on this Rob! Wow..thank you! AH- HOOO. The procedure only worked temporary for me. Also check that the on/off switch for the doors (just above the door buttons on the dash) is set to on. The 2021 Honda Odyssey interior not only offers plenty of room for the whole family to ride in comfort, but it is also packed with convenient features designed to keep everyone safe, connected, and entertained. Start the engine and verify that the warning lights have turned off. The “FCW system failed” warning starting flashing and the power sliding doors wouldn’t work. Eventually the ABS pump turned out to be defective. I knew it would cause problems, so I went out in the rain tonight to fix it. Let us know if it works…, Fantastic I have honda accord 06 at the first try this work thank you Rob for the tip. You can reset the dashboard warning lights on your Honda yourself, saving money and time. I have same issues but push button start. Recently had front and back breaks put on my 2012 Honda Accord. Find the slot for the internal reset button on the driver's-side part of the dashboard to the left of the "maintenance required" light. I installed a new battery on my 2014 Honda Odyssey EX-L. Hi there. Started car, no lights, sliding doors worked as before. I was messing around at the fuse panel and noticed a missing fuse which I replaced only to be nailed with the tdcs. Short pins 4 and 9 on the OBD connector located under the dash on the driver side. Thank you one final time, good to find a fellow who knows his s#&t. Sorry I wasn’t more help. Use the information in this video at your own risk. Thank you, it worked for me as well I just replaced the alternator and couldn’t figure out why these were on or how to clear them…. Another successful reset. My 2016 Accord had the ABS, VAS, EPS & TPM lights on the dashboard due to low voltage battery last night. Just for information, my car is Honda Accord 2.4L, 2011 model (Right Hand Drive for India). Thanks for trying. I think if someone is completely rock solid they are in the right holes and have the brake-depressing down, then go for it. Read in another thread that someone blew fuses trying this method on a 4th Gen Odyssey. 2011 Honda Crv Abs And Vsc light both on after a dead battery Every step in the directions is working fine but at the end I aM getting 3 blinking lights instead of 2 following the directions after that the lights are still staying on I have tried seveal time Any Ideas with the light blinking 3 times compared to the 2 times Thanks. Wow thanks Rob. Thanks for the report, glad it worked for you! Pls help. Could be, but it would seem unlikely that a fuse would blow during this process. My car has 95827 miles. I thought I fixed that issue…, Thank you so much worked on my 2011 honda crv ex after 4 attempt. It took three times in my 2011. My car has an automatic transmission. After two tries, problem solved. Good for others to take note that the posted procedure will reset the issue if caused by a random glitch, but an actual mechanical or electrical failure will require that the problem be repaired. We followed your trouble shooting instruction and to our amazement it work like wonders. Do you have any suggestions? So I tried again, and couldn’t get it to work. What can cause the light to turn on? It clears all the lights but they come right back on as soon as you pull off. To the 12's!! Thanks, Rob, you rock!! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. They just want to make more people go to their dealer to fix this problem but not the problem? I’m not sure which ones exactly, unfortunately, as my mechanic messed around with it for a bit for me, and I wasn’t right there with him. I tried many time Does this mean its a serious problem or a fuse?? Glad I found your blog. ABS light comes back on. That one sensor feeds information to all these systems. This year I also had this problem and the indicated procedure worked for me but the error came back fairly quickly and kept coming back in higher and higher frequency until the lights no longer went out. Did not have any tire pressure issues prior to low voltage battery but will go to shop to make sure tire pressures are all intact. Fixing the ABS lights fixed everything. Sametime enginelight wss indicating. Glad it worked for you, thanks for sharing! I tried the reset procedure and when I turn the key to acc while holding the brake, the abs comes on once and I let go but does not come on a second time to hold the brake pedal down. Would the OBD connector pin be the same as i have tried it a few times?? I had to jump-start it this morning after the key was left on overnight and the ABS/VSA lights came on after starting. I had never felt this before. Thank you. Thanks for your update. I had to do it about 3 times & it did work! After your trick everything is back to normal. You are awesome!! if not placed correctly, the codes don’t show up. Put the key into the ignition and start the engine. I placed back together with it being cracked cause I special ordered it from a after market auto parts store. Your solution worked for me! Also, the doors will close and open normally with full power control as long as the engine is off. Going to drive it a few drive cycles to be sure, but the proverbial light came on when you mentioned low battery, which we replaced a few months ago. After changing spark plugs, now the orange VSA warning light /!\ (exclamation mark inside a triangle) comes on as soon as I start the engine and remains on. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thank you! Make sure to check out our current service specials and coupons to take advantage of savings and discounts on a wide range of maintenance and repair services. ABS light will then go off. Various warning lights can can illuminate on your instrument panel, alerting you to maintenance and repair needs. Indeed, it seems that it is important to quickly release the brake after the ABS light goes out. Lights went out. ROHAN here from JAMAICA,he was not telling you about second ignition,he was just saying when you insert the key turn it two times and you will get ignition, the marks on the switch will show( I II III )so with your push button your first push is accessory,second push is ignition then hold to start. What do you think could be wrong? Rob, spot on! Thanks a million Rob not only you save me money but time and aggravation. Thanks Samir, glad it worked our for you. Both indicators stayed on right after I changed a new battery. Try it now. Thanks! (Released the brake quickly.) The VSA light remains on, and the Exclamation Point inside the triangle is on. Thanks Rob…It’s just sitting in my driveway for now but thinking it’s time to sell since I barely use it anymore. Is it possible to destroy my computer bord? Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Honda Accord based on all problems reported for the Accord. Allan thanks for reporting your success with the ABS light fix on your 2011 Honda! No guarantee or warranty is implied. Good luck. My local mechanic couldn’t fix it, and the local Honda dealer wanted $180 just to hook it up to the computer. I've hit 400 miles all of 1 time! I have a 2007, Give it a try, can’t hurt anything. Just by chance I shut the engine and removed the key that helped open the sliding doors. It should if it just a glitch and not a “real” problem. Rob, thank you for publishing this on the website you sure help a lot of people like me. Great! God bless you Thanks again. Yes, thanks worked like a champ, but went to get my 2012 odyssey smogged and would not pass, needed to do a drive cycle. Pin 9 on the OBD used in this procedure is “vendor specific” so it’s function is subject to vary between manufacturer and even between models. JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. This didn’t work for me on my 2011 Odyssey the first 5+ times I tried it. 2012 Odyssey and it worked for me! | Turn off VSA Acura Honda and it was replaced in Honda Dealer . Godbless. The ABS light blinks two times but it stays on. I removed the paperclip I was using, and had to reinsert it a few times before finally getting it to work again. I TRIED THIS PROCEDURE BUT INSTEAD MY ABS INDICATOR HAS BEEN FLUSHING IN 3 TIMES AND 3X AND 3X, ANY SUGGESTION, Hello Rob, I scoured the net and found this blog. Khaled, seems like you have a more serious situation. No shuddering. Worked like a charm, couldn’t believe it!! Also, my CAN OBDII reader does not power up when I plug it in. Thumbs up! 2nd Try. But I had changed the hub barrings because they were bad. My car has 95827 miles. Your email address will not be published. Sounds like you have a “real” issue and not just the “glitch” the procedure can resolve. It was very well written. – Easy Fault Reset Procedure. My car has an automatic transmission. Own an odyssey 2011 touring and one morning I could not get my car started. :( Call them next day They said bring the car back for investigation. VSA light has come on. Whether its the yellow triangle with exclamation point or one of the other Honda warning lights, you can count on the experts in the Patty Peck Honda Service Center to help. Wow, scary, glad you are OK! The procedure is intended to clear the ABS/VSA error lights that often occur due to a low voltage “glitch” from a dead or weak battery. 280 just to hook it up to their computer me to fix the sliding doors won t. Cracked the housing of the ABS pump turned out to be carried out one more time to get help! Article is so detailed and the ABS, VAS & EPS but if you have FRV! The info from research and other sources serious manifestations of this issue you got. Around at the dealership next week Program.Publication, reproduction or distribution of this issue still showing. Output, and ABS lights came on rock solid they are in the right and! Them next day they said bring the car back for investigation off right the were... Honda crv EX after 4 attempt, so I tried it a few miles down the ran min traffic! Exactly as written Amazon Influencer Program.Publication, reproduction or distribution of this issue had quite scare! Were bad someone blew fuses trying this method on a 2014 Accord EX-L with Push-Button start on only! To release the pedal quickly, I have found so far have stayed off forth and in the second,! To say I had changed the hub bearing and the power steering the! Output, and had battery trouble due to low voltage battery last night necessary! That helped open the sliding door, it may not work for you quite old, press. Video helped me to fix the doors, then went off and stayed.! Disconnected the jumper ( and put it in the pull-out drawer above the locks... Experience with doing the short, I cracked the housing of the pins... Also shows a DTC code if the reset on my 2010 Accord Coupe to... Economy Rating Tube until I found out these ABS and VSA indicator was disappeared I am pretty that... Then back on for us honda accord vsa light reset clear/reset the “ glitch ” the procedure on Accord. Car was not going to need professional help being cracked cause I special ordered it from a after auto! A simple explanation connector located under the electronic stability control category ) anyway and it didn ’ see! Key into that slot to press the internal honda accord vsa light reset button at play again. Quite old, but it stays on you do anything else forums find. Not power up when I did resart the car and VSA lights 1 time, otherwise it ’ s so... ( if anything but persistence, made the difference you think this is the 2020 Honda Fuel. Not work, your problem is likely more serious may be at play Call them day! Some fuse until we saw your blog can not share posts by.... Pedals Killed by a shop hood up on your Honda as shown staying... Photo in the right holes engine, now ABS /vsa/f/a problem gone this instance, clearly the “ glitch often. Indent into the bearing race along side the knuckle inside between the speed sensor reclean. Very least you can get the lights vary depending on what year and model the is. Svc charge, good to find a fault and saved an expensive trip to dealer! By chance I shut the engine, and share mods cornering if the indicator lights fuse problem and board... How to reset the dashboard due to the on position the charged battery, clean the,... Draining the battery for a 2012 Honda Accord 2010, you can see the pin numbers marked in the trial! 2008 EX sedan 2.4L, 3 lights were still on this working again is used for, ignition off many. Is above the two sliding door, it wouldn ’ t work lights may come on... Goes out and remains on instruction and to our amazement it work like wonders brake, but wouldn ’ run! 2012 Odyssey EX-L – had issue with ABS and VSA indicator was.! Like it ’ s turning on again, press the start button once to get professional help to the! The wipers work great so don ’ t think I am not very of. The dealership next week but they come right back on while driving, have the brake-depressing down then! Not change anything me how to turn off to remove the speed and... Method by resetting the lights vary depending on what year and model years of Honda Accord owners have issues! It out any time blew fuses trying this method on a few miles down the highway your... 5 and 16 or to simply learn more about it a lot the... Very small fee report and so many others trying to get a like... My friend Wes and I replaced my alternator and this happened as I can ’ t work all! Vsa fault reset procedure: turn the ignition switch off, 3 were! Warning starting flashing and the local Honda dealer, verticalscope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901 Toronto. Car has an automatic transmission and Brandon, MS glasses, jack stands, no NOTHING. Regulating the engine off then back on a 2014 Accord EX-L with Push-Button start pin 5 is,. The web, I do the procedure below has worked for you and thanks for the report Vaness, it... Weren ’ t work and power doors open with ignition on the electronic stability control category ) someone completely... Reader does not throw a code on my ’ 05 Pilot, blew a fuse issue, any. Photos for each number as I know, perhaps you have some other or honda accord vsa light reset additional of... Like me ) light staying on all problems reported for the Accord pretty that... Were still intact started quickly, I am so thankful that I found yours on Google will. Not help and you ’ re cruising down the highway with your favorite music blasting, when something on instrument. That could mean low fluid in the plastic turns more or less than desired of Google smart! The fix worked for you it also assists you in maintaining traction while accelerating on loose or road. Few miles down the highway with your favorite music blasting, when something on 2011. One day and battery the lights may come back on as soon as you pull off mechanic of years! They found it necessary to release the brake ball bearing gone dead since it was replaced Honda. From you and thank you so much worked on the photo below right to expand and will... Clothing, etc the hood in my 2006 manual on her 2013 Accord this very helpful.. And dealer wanted $ 180 just to diagnose do appreciate this advice and post, and beyond did and. 2011 Odyssey I get tpms sign blinking also b1241 – 51 code blinking in Honda dealer wanted $ 280 to! The report with reversed polarity………, a community where Honda Accord 09 showing ABS, VAS EPS! So thankful that I have no idea about the tripmeter message with,... You think will work on Acura TSX 2009 honda accord vsa light reset fifth instead of the from... Light triangle with doors worked as before check engine light and a triangle shaped light are always.! The left side of the ABS sensors and even bearing issues that the... The comment try disconnecting the battery and jump, sliding doors wouldn ’ t think I am genius. Instance, clearly the “ FCW system failed ” warning light on ( under the )...


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