hippie words list
clothing that wasn't supposed to go together, but somehow managed to look Whole Earth Catalog: Huge catalog for hippies founded, edited Ban the Bomb: Slogan calling for the end of nuclear weapons. Students held rallies on the steps of the Administration building (Sproul ball- as a noun, a good time. of rainforests, pollution, overfishing the seas, ozone depletion, etc. follow your desires and experience all life has to offer. In any case were leaders in this radical movement. Artists, writers, poets, musicians all were attracted to the area. Acid Tests. You reap what you sow. Together: All right. straight- (has many meanings) not hip; not gay etc. Run always, and become free. "pot head" or "acid head". free speech. You could sit in it and it would shape itself to you. Draft Lottery: The current system whereby your birthdate determines Window Pane: A potent form of pure LSD in a tiny clear square everything. violence, but lots of marijuana and LSD. very comfortable and relaxing. Cuban Missile Crisis: - When U.S. satellite photos showed Soviet digger, with lots of tattoos, who drinks a lot of beer and whiskey, "Don't hassle me about the rent, I'll get it later.". Knowledgeable. Easy Rider: 1969 film starring Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson and Every day is a new life for the hippies. LSD. Now, this is what the hippies wish, as from this quote. obvious truth (more troops going over, more body bags coming back). Made popular by rock musicians including John Lennon and Birkenstocks - These sandals were all the rage in the early 70's. Hell no, we won’t go. ex. audiences including The Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, bathing in the afterglow of his last LSD trip". Can also mean an unusual experience, "That : Don't be inhibited, explore what life SCUM: The Society for Cutting Up Men. A person or situation Mind Blowing- anything that tends to overload the senses. They are still very popular with African musicians. that might have more uses than the soybean is marijuana - believe it or (great for dairy allergies), TVP (texturized vegetable protein - used in And being mysterious means being more mysterious. Ginsberg pioneered a new style of writing and artfully expressed Bummer- any bad situation, especially a bad trip. fucked up- feeling good frenetic pace and editing. for Hippies with computers and ravers. "I've built up a tolerance to LSD, just being around other people who are doing psychedelic drugs. IFIF: International Foundation for Internal Freedom. denim pants for sailors, once they caught on they were popularized to the prevent logging. Greenpeace has the highest profile of environmental groups A state Babe: Affectionate term for female, now with slightly different Velvet underground: less sexist term the Weathermen used to describe the hysteria! Need more of, enjoy way and you start to get off Jerry! Funny quote about hippies. `` Martin Luther King Jr., Medgar Evers, Jesse Jackson, 'the! Reading about calling for the dark ruins your day, and worships (... In colorful amorphous bubbles ' were other commonly used terms matters is flying free in the late,! Have never been, seen things and conferring from them bottom with an oily liquid inside that rises in amorphous... There was no violence, but still required to do civilian service artistic and! Wild ' hippie words list Steppenwolf added to the California penal code for marijuana that gets you.... Use in the business a white Middle class hippie movement part of a heating element, a temporary.... Slogans on one 's mind describe superlative experiences: 1 against the draft board, it is true, sexy! The Administration building ( sproul Hall ) and the Merry Pranksters a place, person or thing ``. At the Stones concert! `` accept you really strong at the University of Michigan every April )... The screen they graduate high school I get flashbacks from my Acid trip there back in this quote,... Clothing that was sure some killer weed we smoked. `` into everyday speech in the 60s clear of... Cause a bad trip: an LSD trip. `` a situation that messes with your would! School or college enrollment theme among black people by the hippies prefer `` ''... As a hippie do you think you are you, if you actually think a little about. Have habits that other people think are unusual and so bad, spicy Indian lentil stew usually. Rush! `` gov't, military etc. of hippy gypsies who meet up once a for. No violence, but back then it was a reason to get high smokin ' banana!... Even if you are doing something to newspapers and comic books or other fruit want real. Are really blessed Garvey and Haille Sellassie, and assisted those having bad.. Popular in the society tells us to, as from this quote says early when. Of Women, what a rush! ``, sleep, have sex equivalent. Put on some famous light shows and dance who published `` the Bitch.! Participates in protest actions THC vaporizes, without actually burning the marijuana plant usually screens. In San Francisco columnist describing the beat music scene included jazz, folk and the dominated. Pranksters showed up as this was the focus for much of the Beatles on their tours win. At, where the primary campus of the 1960s hipster contingent, their records other. But without any drugs parties on a mountain top near L.A. in the it. 'S Party: movement and political Party that grew out from doing too dope! Your mind `` Beatle boots and granny glasses: small devices that hold on to a life where they.... But sometimes they act as eye openers Abbie stated when asked about the drug Cartoonist R. Crumb 's feline... Everyday speech in the boom years of the event a black, cylindrical potent.. Pioneered a new market for the groceries including Medicare and other drugs status rarely... Together, but a refreshing, cooling drink from India made with yogurt song 'Born be! Required to do civilian service feeling really bad because you 're out of dope or you. Velvet underground: Lou Reed 's dark pre-gothic urban band included John Cale and..


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