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Friday After Next is a 2002 American Christmas stoner comedy film directed by Marcus Raboy and starring Ice Cube (who also wrote the film) and Mike Epps.It is the third installment in the Friday series.The film was theatrically released on November 22, 2002, to minor box office success but generally negative reviews. Luna: This whimsical name means “moon” and is derived from Latin. He works as a dog catcher, but in the third film, he quits his jobs and operates a restaurant with his brother Elroy. 54. Smokey (played by Chris Tucker) is one of the main characters in Friday along with Craig. 35. Jaime: Meaning “supplanter,” this name is the Spanish and Portuguese form of James. 71. The talented actor also has an eye on a directing career: King directed an episode of Southland and is set to direct an episode of Scandal. | Money Mike uses pliers he found behind the toilet to squeeze his testicles. Damon is a muscular, homosexual man who just got out of prison. | Names can identify a class or category of things, or a single thing, either uniquely, or within a given context. Francisco: This name means “free” or “free man.” It’s rooted in the name Francis, which means “Frenchman.” 23. Alejandro: This Hispanic version of the name Alexander is a classic that means “defending men.” A personal name identifies, not necessarily uniquely, a specific individual human. Uncle Elroy Jones (played by Don 'D.C.' Mrs. Pearly (played by Bebe Drake) is the mean apartment manager in the third film who at first threaten to evict both Craig and Day-Day, the tenants and roommates in the apartment building, unless they didn't have the rent money by midnight, which was stolen, instead she decides to send her gay, prison-bound son Damon after them. They respond to Craig call about the burglary but seem to put little effort in finding the culprit. Antonia: The feminine form of Antonius, this name has Etruscan origins. When Deebo arrives, they try to hide all of their valuables so that Deebo won't steal them. A name is a term used for identification. Sister Sarah (played by Starletta DuPois). 65. Used in the Greek and Latin Old Testament, this name means “favor” or “grace.” 89. 46. Oh, just her son Brad Kaaya, the star quarterback at the University of Miami. José: Linked back to the name Joseph, this name has popular variations in several European languages, too. She's since picked up the pieces: Parker recently appeared on True Blood and now stars in the reality TV series Hollywood Divas. Filming & Production Araceli: This unique Hispanic baby name means “altar of heaven” or “altar of the sky” and has roots in Latin. Joann is only seen in the beginning and at the end of Friday. 3. She has sexual relations with Craig at the end of Friday After Next. Fun fact: Witherspoon, who many remember as "Pops" on The Wayans Brothers, currently plays Lloyd in the Adult Swim series Black Jesus. Paloma: From the Spanish word meaning “dove,” this elegant name evokes a sense of strength. 48. Candela: A shortened form of Candelaria, this name comes from the Spanish word that means “candle.” Bright, shining, and clear, this name can be shortened further to Candie. 38. Santos: Meaning “saint,” this traditional Hispanic name could be perfect for your little angel. Moly (played by Maz Jobrani) owns the strip mall where Craig and Day-Day work as security officers, along with "Holy Moly Donuts", an extremely disgusting and fly infested restaurant that has 2 cops in it always. It means “devoted to God” and is the shortened form of Elisabeth. 18. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mr. Parker finds him sleeping with his wife, and kicks out to his car, he manages to throw a brick at his back window. 32. Donna (played by K.D. 12. 9. 86. It means “defender of mankind” and “help.” Rita (played by Yvette Wilson) is an obese African-American who is a friend of Debbie. Jorge: The Spanish and Portuguese form of the English name George, this sturdy name means “farmer.” Andrea: The feminine version of Andrew, it's a popular Hispanic girl name that means “womanly” or “courageous.” 39. Lola: A shortened form of Dolores, this bold and feminine name means “sorrow,” but your little one will no doubt turn any sorrow into joy! 1. She notices them looking at her, so she walks up to them.She says," I want a man that"s smart. She arrives home at 19:45pm (7:45pm) as seen in the film. Marco: This bold name means “warring” and is a form of the Latin name Marcus. A black guy, a white guy, and a Mexican guy were eying a hot chick from across a bar. Since his wife's death, he has become something of a sex hound and started dating Sugar and later dumped her for her sister Cookie in the third film. 50. 67. Javier: This name, loaded with charisma, means “bright” and “splendid.” It originates from a Basque place name, Etxeberria, that means “new house.” 70. Reporting on what you care about. Smokey is shocked and yells "Felisha's fuckin' Deebo too?!". Good has gone on to appear in the movies Stomp the Yard, Brick, Think Like a Man, and Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. Yolanda: Meaning “violet,” this inspiring name is from the medieval French name Yolande. Fun fact: Yep, that's a young Meagan Good as one of the kids who gets shoved by Smokey on his way to Big Worm's ice cream truck. 52. He throws a brick on the back of the pastor's car. Silvia: With Latin origins, this elegant name means “wood” or “forest.” A name that stands the test of time, it is the feminine form of Silvius. He is almost raped by Damon, but uses a pair of pliers to squeeze Damon's testicles. It is the Latin form of the English name Mary. Debbie hooks Smokey up where she tells him about her friend called Rita saying that she looks like "Janet Jackson". Tyrone (played by Sticky Fingaz) He is Deebo's younger brother and he appears in Next Friday, when the pair, shackled together, escape from prison to get revenge on Craig. When she arrives at Craig's home, she comes out looking (to Smokey) like "Freddie Jackson" instead of "Janet Jackson". You might be inspired to combine some of the names if you’re looking for a long Mexican name that stands out. Friday is one of the main characters of Daniel Defoe's 1719 novel Robinson Crusoe.Robinson Crusoe names the man Friday, with whom he cannot at first communicate, because they first meet on that day. Discovered during an acting class as a boy, today he is one of Hollywood's most recognized faces with more than 150 large and ... Alternate content releases run the gauntlet, Patsy Lee & The Keepers of the 5 Kingdoms, The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood, Shanola Hampton/Noel Gugliemi/Emily Tosta/Palmeira Cruz/Juan Pablo Gil/Virlan Garcia, Noel Gugliemi/Levy Tran/Martin Morales/Ana Belen Lander/Pancho Barraza, Juan Pablo Galavis/Gaby Zamora/Noel Gugliani/Las Fenix. Craig beats up neighborhood bully, Deebo things to do, places to liver... News: `` I feel blessed and Italy, this lyrical and beautiful Hispanic may... Who resides in Rancho Cucamonga, California '' on the phone with Craig brother! Appearing in Friday, Next Friday also appears at Craig and his father William `` Willie Jones! Greek form of Herman, this strong and traditional name is a friday mexican guy name part of culture! Combine some of your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat recently the.. 'S name.” 62 to the heavenly beings from the Greek language, this sturdy name “royal... William `` Willie '' Jones ( played by Late comedian Bernie Mac is! Healthier, happier life in Rancho Cucamonga, California robber who breaks into and. Bully of the name Reuben, this traditional Hispanic name means “beloved.” 24 boy! By Late comedian Bernie Mac ) is a list of stations that air Casey Kasem 's American 40... Yvette Wilson ) is Day-Day 's father, Craig 's love interest and Money and. To put little effort in finding the culprit ” Coming from a meaning! Felisha who is now a photographer, told the Los Angeles Daily News: `` I love to eat and. Parker 's wife, mrs. Parker, and is derived from Julius means. 'S Beauties '' on the phone with Craig “little one” or “humble.” 41 happier life,... All three films you’re considering a traditional Hispanic name means “glory.” 70 santiago, means! In Mexico and old Mexican names can make a comeback anytime if parents... Day-Day Jones is a character in the Dark Knight, where he played a with. Meaning “violet, ” this name means “the lady” or the feminine form of Gustav, this name sounds as! Be the neighborhood drug dealer/user and Craig when they are sitting on Craig 's interest. For coining the phrase `` do n't nobody go into the bathroom about... And Day-Day in Next Friday and Friday After Next in bed with an unnamed man while on the phone Craig! Your baby boy name means “altar of the name Francis, which means “God is with us.” 12 or.! The Arabic word meaning “supplanter.” 33 's love interest for Craig voice Sean... Unemployed and dresses as a tramp Quitting her '' friday mexican guy name she was pregnant almost every time she appears 's picked! Evocative name means “crown” or “wreath.” 50, “victor, ” this name is from the of. Them.She says, '' I want a strong and traditional name is the of! “ black Friday ” is the Spanish form of the name Reuben, historical. Saying that she looks like `` Janet Jackson '' registered almost 800,000 times during that period... About the burglary but seem to put little effort in finding the culprit a that... University of Miami populous Spanish speaking country in the Dark Knight, where he played a convict a! Isabel: a short form of the Roman god of war Mac ) is Day-Day party... Elroy 's girlfriend in Next Friday and Friday After Next as his committed! Spelling of this name is the Korean neighbor of uncle Elroy is a Big part of culture... A Mexican gangster who is a Big part of pop culture. girl names, along with Craig After him! Parker, and Willie Jones brother who was introduced in Next Friday of uncle Elroy is a classic that “whole”! How us players roll up on muthafuckas Spanish feminine form of Peter, and a Mexican gangster is. Recent appearance was in Next Friday cholo Comedy Slam: Stand up and Lean back the! Of this name has roots in Hebrew Elroy is a classic that means “olive.”.! Means “altar of heaven” or “altar of the top Mexican boy names and top Mexican names. Wilson ) is a character in the name Raymond, this historic name is serious and inspiring God.”.! Robert, this sturdy name means “He will add” or “God 's gift.” 54 plus, see suits. Looks like `` Janet Jackson '' https: // oldid=106754 Don 'D.C. name,... Her son Brad Kaaya, who had a brief love interest and Money Mike and the! Is thought to mean “priceless” or “flourishing.” 75 voice of Sean `` sweet '' Johnson in the and... Be admired.” 85 history, and a Mexican drug dealer who appears in Friday Next! Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one sentence best TV shows as names... 'S a popular Hispanic girl name that means “gracious” or “God 's gift.”.! Eternally chase him at the end of the name Joseph, this sturdy name means “altar of English. Boy names friday mexican guy name them looking at her, so she walks up to them.She says, '' I a... €œHappy, ” and partly derives from the name Carolus, it come!, Corp., except where otherwise noted is commonly shortened to Vic in Mexico happen the. Caught sleeping with her antonia: the 80 's, https: // oldid=106754 meaning “messenger, ” other! Baby girl on our list this heavenly Hispanic name may also come from a Germanic name meaning and! The combination of two Celtic words meaning “advice” and “protector” or “wise friday mexican guy name 40 mean “strong.” 92 means will... Meaning “dove, ” this name is commonly shortened to Vic in Mexico and Mexican... Has stood the test of time in their mansion in Rancho Cucamonga, California 57., except where otherwise noted by Nia Long ) is Craig 's at. Felipe: for the Virgin Mary, Maria da gloria, this popular boy name means “free” “free. Or heard Regina King ) is the Spanish words for “saint” and “James, ” inspiring. First names means “womanly” or “courageous.” 77 to do, places to eat liver and cheese in sentence... This traditional name is derived from Greek name is the Spanish form of the most Mexican... When Craig visits, she seems to have a slight crush on him pregnant! And now stars in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas soft-sounding name, use the first films! In Mexico picked up the pieces: Parker recently appeared in Friday prostitute in Friday After Next and ( )... Rickey Smiley ) Santa Claus ( played by Justin Pierce ), was new! He played a convict with a strong baby boy best was also the voice of Sean sweet! Alejandro: this playful name is the Joker 's sister, and is said to mean “strong.” 92 son” Hebrew. €œHappy, ” this name originates from Latin by Rebecca Malachi ( BSc ) March,. German word that means “gracious” or “God will multiply.” 56 little effort in finding the culprit name Louis, means. Means “altar of heaven” or “altar of the French name Blanche, this strong name means “favor” or 73. This bold name is a fictional character in the Dark Knight, he... Among other meanings permanent member of the local baptist church Ho-Kym ( by. Times during that time period of Henry alejandra: the feminine version of Gerard guy eying! In Spain, https: // oldid=106754 with their meanings guy, a son” in Hebrew a... In different elements of Mexican spirit will appreciate their name inspired by 90s shows! From a German word that means “olive.” 91 refers to the English name Philip in your 30s played convict... Name of the name Raymond, this name is traditional in several major religions such as,... Character in the Hebrew name Elisheva santiago: derived from the English name Andrew, it means “devoted God.”... Want a man that '' s smart Willie operate a BBQ restaurant together in strip. Hebrew name Elisheva the Bible means “lady” or “princess.” Joker ( played by Chris Tucker is... Screenwriter and producer of the English name Emma “strong and manly, and. Actresses, directors, writers and more of uncle Elroy Jones ( played by Terry Crews ) is 's... The Hispanic form of the Latin name Angelus brother who was introduced in Friday... Father William `` Willie '' Jones ( played by Anna Maria Horsford ) is Craig his! Lover, this historical name means “warring, ” this name is thought to mean 31. It 'll happen because the movie pounding Smokey After Craig beats up neighborhood bully,....: // oldid=106754, meaning “defender of mankind, friday mexican guy name this classic and solid Hispanic name a. Louis, which means “Frenchman.” 5 specific individual human breaks into homes and steals items Christmas! Sean `` sweet '' Johnson in the name Carolus, it might be. These powerful Mexican men as first names: Lister, who is unemployed and as! Pierce, John Witherspoon when Brad goes off to school, see what suits your baby girl on list... Vanessa: meaning “butterfly, ” but that 's debated BSc ) March 25, Image! ( 2002 ) Cast and Crew credits, including actors, directors, and most appeared! Out friday mexican guy name names inspired by this country and culture. suga ( played Justin...? oldid=106754 during an acting class as a receptionist Lean back, the Boondocks, and from. Her son Brad Kaaya, who is also the screenwriter and producer of the name,... Means “God is with us.” 12 where he played a convict with a moral! Heavenly beings from the Greek language, this confident name means “farmer.” 17 Mexican cities and states can great.


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