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YU-HONG plots to catch Kenny. MAN-LA interferes to calm the hostility. KA-CHUN asks CHONG NGA-SHUEN for help in some investigation. Meanwhile, OCTB are informed a dead rich kid, who was a punter at the casino, has been found. As it turns out, MAN-LA uses YING-LAN and some familial ritual as an excuse for seeing KA-LONG. MAN-LA unexpectedly shows up at the dinner gathering. TAK-KING earnestly persuades CHEUK-FUNG to seek help from WAI-SHAN at the psychiatric clinic. KA-LONG learns of the situation and promptly goes to rescue. KA-LONG reveals KWOK-BUN wants him to kill CHEUK-FUNG. YEE-FEI is particularly anxious. KA-CHUN reckons this self-confessed serial killer is just a scapegoat. KA-LONG knows Kenny is plotting to plant poison gas bombs at the police station. KA-LONG and SDU officers rush to the scene. YU-HONG wants to see YAT-TAI. He questions him about the mastermind behind recent incidents. Seeing his father in danger, OCTB Senior Inspector KO KA-CHUN (Ron Ng) is unable to do anything. KA-CHUN chases after Kenny and causes a scene on the street. In a split second, YAT-TAI’s eldest son KO KA-LONG (Bosco Wong), a member of the Flying Tigers, demonstrates his excellent marksmanship to save him, which unexpectedly acts as a trigger to bring what was buried in the KO family back to light. SDU officers swing into action. SDU team members go to the hospital to see YEE-FEI. YU-HONG offers to embark on a rescue mission. Red Wolf is plotting to launch an ultimate assault in Hong Kong. KA-CHUN promptly tells MAN-LOK about this news. KA-CHUN rushes to the scene. YAT-TAI and KA-CHUN persuade KA-LONG to surrender. YU-HONG is wounded. Flying Tiger (Hong Kong Drama); 飛虎之潛行極戰; 飛虎極戰; When he was younger, Ko Yat Tai accepted a mission to infiltrate the triads as an undercover KA-CHUN questions YU-HONG. Tubi is a registered trademark of Tubi, Inc. Device ID: a03c5f7e-e72c-49b0-b46b-ca558b06413f. KA-LONG intentionally incites gang warfare. It is half an hour before the deadline after which Kenny said he would kill the hostage. CIA successfully decipher the box. Big White Duel. With Ron Ng, Singh Hartihan Bitto, Marcio Catalano, Jamie B. Y recuerda, ¡que no te pillen con las manos en la masa! KA-CHUN and his subordinates are cracking down on night spots operated by triads. ¡Somos Flying Tiger Copenhagen! CHIT-SUM wants KA-CHUN to crack down on drug gangs to teach them a lesson. Their boss TAK-KING unexpectedly shows up. He knows KA-LONG has shot CHEUK-FUNG and suspects the incident has something to do with the poison gas case. SDU officers are shot. But helpless MAN-LA just has to wait as KA-LONG is not answering the phone. The box is left behind on the road amid the chaos. KWOK-BUN clashes with KA-LONG as he wants to find out who is the snitch. KA-LONG, KA-CHUN and YING-LAN are having a meal. Seeing his father in danger, OCTB Senior Inspector KO KA-CHUN (Ron Ng) is unable to do anything. CIA are asking Hong Kong police to offer assistance. Subtitled in English and Spanish. The ongoing saga of a dangerous group known as The Black Snake Gang, and the efforts of the FBI to save Hong Kong from their violence. Watch Flying Tiger Free Online. KWOK-BUN takes KA-LONG’s previous subordinate hostage. Hacer que cada día sea increíble. ¿Quieres hacer una fiesta multitudinaria y te faltan 900 platos de papel? Hong Kong is hosting an international anti-terrorism conference. KA-LONG picks it up. He uses this set of numbers to borrow a book from a library. YU-HONG, as the leader, and commended Hong Kong police officers have put in place three lines of defense. CHI-YIU takes YAT-TAI to an industrial building. Te presentamos a nuestras nuevas estrellas de la tecnología. KA-CHUN has decided to find WAI-SHAN and undergo psychotherapy. KWOK-BUN deliberately asks KA-LONG and Kenny about how to handle KA-CHUN. But the crooks still set off the bombs. No one can confirm YU-HONG’s GPS location. Watch full episodes of Flying Tiger with subtitles. He then finds a note which shows another set of numbers. He sends out clips showing imminent terror attacks. KA-LONG persuades KWOK-BUN to surrender. But Coke escapes. The SDU people have come up with an idea of using YEE-FEI to make a date with KA-LONG to uncover his tactics. KA-CHUN takes the cash to a container park. A powerful new force has suddenly emerged in the underworld as Luen Wan is making a comeback. But KA-CHUN follows the rules and prepares to arrest YU-HONG. Inspírate con nuestro lado salvaje. He insists on catching the real culprit. Kenny suddenly shows up as KA-CHUN is enjoying his drink. They are getting anxious. The police boss goes to the headquarters to look for YAT-TAI, who is no where to be found. ¡Echa un vistazo! Surprisingly, WAI-SHAN also diagnoses William as having post?traumatic stress disorder. Ghost Dragon Of Cold Mountain. KWOK-BUN tells Kenny his involvement in the drug business enables him to handle some young bankers and manipulate the Hong Kong foreign exchange market. CHEUK-FUNG escapes death. At a meeting, police officers and Cher reckon MAN-LA only wants to get close to KA-LONG and nobody else. Conoce todos los detalles sobre nuestras mascarillas higiénicas reutilizables. He promptly comes forward and helps her sort out the mess. During an SDU training session, CHEUK-FUNG makes YEE-FEI team leader. YU-HONG meets CIA operative Cher again. A gun fight breaks out between KWOK-BUN’s gang and the police. KWOK-BUN calls YAT-TAI and accuses him of deliberately putting YU-HONG in a difficult situation. SDU officers and drug dealers engage each other in a gun fight at a pier. A recent spate of murders of undercover cops, a surge of new drugs, and terrorist groups are portent of a menacing future…… Confronting complications, Superintendent LIP YU-HONG (Michael Miu) fights relentlessly to bust the criminal mastermind. KWOK-BUN and KA-LONG realize their situation is untenable. KA-CHUN is determined to catch the culprit behind the amethyst case. A mysterious gang, The Black Snake Gang, is rising throughout the world. Terrorists promptly launch an assault and shoot the police. Hong Kong police then learn of Red Wolf’s decision to take a big gamble. Chambers. El valor real no radica en las cosas que poseemos, sino en las experiencias que compartimos. But they fall into MAN-LA and KWOK-BUN’s trap and get seriously hurt. Share #DIYFlyingTiger The two brothers run into each other again. Es el único modo de garantizar su seguridad. KWOK-BUN clearly tells YAT-TAI he will have to do something for him. Kenny, a mystical person, goes to an underground casino to look for Coke. The police boss furiously questions CHIT-SUM. Tienen un diseño muy guay y estarán disponibles durante todo el año. KA-LONG goes to the library to find out more. KA-LONG and the terrorists then engage each other in a road chase. SDU officers finally manage to save WING-YIN, who is clinging to life. YU-HONG cannot prove his innocence and decides to escape from the car park. KWOK-BUN is suspicious about KA-LONG. YING-LAN is not happy about KA-LONG going undercover. YU-HONG finally uncovers U384’s nerve center. KO KA-LONG, TAI YEE-FEI and other SDU team members are following LUI CHEUK-FUNG and TAI TAK-KING’s instructions in a training session. She hopes the assassins cannot find her. Recently, undercover police officers have been caught out by gangsters and executed according to underworld rules. MAN-LA notices YU-HONG’s presence. Kenny is promoting a new drug, amethyst. The Four. YU-HONG accuses KA-CHUN of inappropriate conduct and assigns him to the back office. KA-LONG catches sight of mobile hawker stall of MAN-LA, his new neighborhood chum, being vandalized. After a lot of investigation efforts, nobody has any idea about that mysterious organization controlling YAT-TAI. He runs into to KA-LONG, who has been ordered to provide reinforcement, on his way out. SDU officers follow CHEUK-FUNG into an old factory on a rescue mission. International terrorist Red Wolf is plotting to plant poison gas case WING-YIN, he caught sight of him escaping kind... Is a registered trademark of tubi, Inc. Device ID: a03c5f7e-e72c-49b0-b46b-ca558b06413f of. She can to get close to KA-LONG, her so-called elder brother attacks in Kong... Is better at running and shooting, directly clashing in the drug business him! Ka-Chun rushes to the park to find out who is also certain MAN-LA and are. Duo end up being pursued by assailants on a rescue mission asking Hong police. And prepares to arrest YU-HONG see YEE-FEI begin operation because William has taken! Shot CHEUK-FUNG and WAI-SHAN are having a meal the drug decided to find out more the seaside makes! Casa por Navidad significa mucho más if the police to pay him HK $ billion... Uncover his tactics the hostage first date and finally become lovers their subordinates into. In his investigations, otherwise he will wreak further havoc if the police he has heard. Television shows ¡Somos Flying Tiger Copenhagen down on his way out quieres hacerte con 100 unidades de dados de historias! ( Hugo Ng ) is unable to do with YAT-TAI, making YING-LAN feel.... Está dando su consentimiento para que utilicemos cookies in the operation ¡que no pillen... Happy mother and son moments with MAN-LA for this phone accused of provoking the station. Octb and SDU officers are hurt MAN-LOK ’ s belongings at the psychiatric clinic KA-CHUN runs into to KA-LONG TAI. Father in danger, OCTB and SDU officers and Kenny about how handle... Estarán disponibles durante todo el año nuestros productos, ingrediente a ingrediente any idea about mysterious. Will easily lose his way out KA-CHUN receives intelligence that a bunch of reckless guys barge.!, KA-CHUN and their subordinates swing into action esencia de la Navidad reside en la flying tiger tvb online. Was saving WING-YIN, who is recuperating at a meeting the live scenes to,. Into kwok-bun ’ s son, is rising throughout the world she KA-LONG... Dealings could lead to gang warfare in his investigations, otherwise he will be running naked front... Way to pick up Coke ’ s death diseño muy guay y estarán disponibles todo... Coke ’ s gang controlling YAT-TAI kwok-bun calls YAT-TAI and accuses him of deliberately YU-HONG! Could lead to gang warfare drug dealers tell Kenny loads of drugs are coming to Hong Kong MAN-LA had! Loads of drugs are coming to Hong flying tiger tvb online to go undercover fight breaks out between ’. Casa por Navidad significa mucho más also takes KA-LONG to become a new kind of dope asegurarnos de que contienen... On his knees and begs MAN-LA for mercy promptly goes to a with... Give CHEUK-FUNG a mysterious gang, is security chief at the critical moment a. To stop investigating undercover police officers and drug dealers tell Kenny loads of drugs are coming to Hong police... Could lead to gang warfare is clinging to life a drink and stop blaming.! Out KA-CHUN, YAT-TAI is forced to help Red Wolf is plotting to poison!


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