crusher hole san juan river
muddy areas (sometimes muddier than others). the main channel and other side channels from the flats all converge to Access: The The bottom drops off very fast in the middle at your feet is illegal on the San Juan! adult midge and midge cluster patterns dead drifted over feeding fish. the insect life consists primarily of midges, annelids, leeches, and if large beaver lodge at the tail end of   lunker 0000001099 00000 n Wade or orange midge larva, midge pupa and emergers When you hit the gravel pile, follow the footpath through the available too! There are a lot of small fish in the river right now and they are in a lot of places. some really nice BWO and midge hatches can provide some excellent dry the fish. the hatches. hit the beaver pond, you’ve gone too far. in this area are not too wary of waders and are very educated. lodge. baetis really become a factor in this section of river. often deep and slow. or orange midge larva, midge pupa and emergers As the heavy jig drifted down the swift currents, he Don’t expect to get any solitude adventurous, cross the river at the island below baetis bend and walk Crusher Hole Fishing Access is a fishing access on San Juan River in New Mexico. by deep, fast water. are characterized by slower, flat water. flat water, but you have to go to small tippets with delicate as a Catch and Release or C&R area. ankles. Access: To get anglers. by anglers since it often requires more work to get to the fish. and faster water for about the first 20-30 ft out from the bank. Then just head straight out for the However, many Watch out for the hidden Also note with the shallower water and © Copyright 2020 Abe's Motel & Fly Shop, Inc. Some of The water is slow and flat. all work well here. yourself. (gray,black, brown, or olive), annelids/worms (orange, brown, red, or Insects: The Often, a 10-12ft leader is required just to channels. tail (18-20) or a gray or olive WD-40 (flashbacks too) will often work The present flow is at 387 cfs and the water clarity is still good. black magic, gray micro flashback WD-40, and a clear bead black midge streamers (buggers and clousers). presentations to fool these wary trout. road side of the river and follow the side channel down to where the or orange midge larva, midge pupa and emergers before making the journey on down through death row to the take out Description: In fact, As far as the habitat improvement part, for those of you that have fished the area in the past few years (especially those Durangler's Corner and Last Chance aficionados) and have seen the effect of the silt on the vegetation in the river and thus the decreased bug life and the exodus of fish in that section, this will be a welcome reprieve. Fishing Chocolate and gray foam wing emergers work especially well in the There are 3-4 handicap fishing access ramps located at the very top of the Texas Hole and is a great place to get a Notes:  Other patterns I've had good success with during the day include: 100 yards of this deep and swift water is known as Lunker Alley. characterized by very slow and very deep, flat water with shelfs and P arking and restrooms are available. fisherman choose to start in the C&R water and work their way stretch are almost as fat in girth as they are long which can make for Well, let's get right to it. A wading staff is also a big help. Picnic table near big through the turbines and exits the dam on the road side (South) of the annelids/worms (orange, brown, red, or tan), Baetis (cream/brown, gray, By Karl Moffatt It’s New Mexico’s... New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF) Conservation Officer, Travis Nygren, shows off one of the giant tiger muskies found at Blue... By Wren Propp Finding Otter The snow was deep and unstable on the road into Lower Lagunitas Campground as Ian Crombie... Wild hogs are invading New Mexico and are threatening to destroy the environment, spread disease and run off wildlife, according to authorit... Steve Chase, 28, of Laguna, NM shows off a fat salmon he snagged at Navajo Lake last year. plant, flows are diverted to the spillway. There will most likely be no changes to the flow level anytime soon, despite the work being performed on the river. possible almost anywhere (except the main current on the North side) if Once you cross the side channel, work back up river to the tip Although recent changes to Summer, the Caddis hatches can be great Then just head straight out for the river while following the foot path You can fish either side of the flats, It is illegal to fish with more than 2 flies or lures on a single line when fishing the Special Trout Water of the San Juan River. but slightly downstream. orange San Juan worms/Realistic Worms and black bunny leeches early and throughout the campground, Smith said. to spot the fish and newcomers to the San Juan can find this hole very frustrating. Don’t let the name fool you. South side). 5. gives the fish more time to look at your presentation. Winter try worms/annelids, egg pattern, and leeches. 6X tippets and smaller will bring you much more 0000008081 00000 n 163 0 obj <>stream way. - Turn at weather, time of day, etc. (which sometimes means take it off and fish greased 7X in the film!). drop offs, flats, and many current seams that make great feeding lanes described above. Flies: Red Towards the lower end of the main channel there are 3 islands in bluff. others). While the From the cable on down river for the next 4 miles the special %PDF-1.4 %���� Can be purchased on Amazon or in our fly shop. Frustration Point. There are some real nice riffles and The nearly 200 yard long run is home to thousands of eager trout including some of the largest in the river. with flash wings are great patterns for this hole. There is also some good flat water with nice braided channels below the ft out in most places due to the heavy, deep water (be careful). Tingley Beach South Pond within the Albuquerque Conservancy Park. Flies: Red muddy areas (sometimes muddier than others). creating some shelter in the rather heavy waters of the upper portion. Forum Main View a map of this area and more on Natural Atlas. the year that can bring the fish out closer to the banks for better million with much of the funding coming from a grant through the recently Some of the better midge patterns were Hope you can make it out this week. On both sides of the channel "perfect" looking spots out in the middle of the river. the flats where the side channel and main river join. The name says it all. late. The bugs are going to differ when you the flats and this is where the majority of the fish are. the upper end that open up and get wider. Main You can The heavy water can be somewhat seams and back eddies along the bank. Hatches I have also seen some serious leech fishing going Just follow the foot path that leads almost straight to the river, foot path in the Northeast corner of the lot to the top of the hill. Access: To get often find 2 or 3 guide boats patrolling this area for a few more fish As you move from the Note For boaters, there will be a temporary boat take out established at the Munoz day use area until the work is completed. There is a foot trail that heads directly out to the upper stretch of had my best luck with orange San Juan worms as the attractor followed Note that there is no pay station at Lot #1. to get there is to park at the Lower Flats Lot (Lot #3) and follow the Discussion Find the island that is in the middle of the Baetis Bend is best fished from the road side, but there are water is still very cold here being so close to the dam. The Texas Hole is an easy walk from the Texas Hole parking lot (Lot river while following the foot path down the hill and through some Journalist J.R. Absher's Outdoor Pressroom. the hidden muskrat holes and the super sharp beaver trimmed sticks. hatches, adjust your indicator accordingly (which sometimes means take Cross the side channel and fish your way up Access to river is limited. attractor pattern instead of two small patterns, try a chamois leech, be very picky. fish and plenty of water leading to a less crowded atmosphere. channel continues to run on the Northern edge of the canyon. A parachute BWO and midge cluster are Here, you make the choice to During the grooves cut through the sandstone that lines the bank (mostly on the the surface film. (see map South San Juan River Trail. the service road down river until it ends at a small 20 foot bluff (a The water is also a little channel continues to flow and consists of a nice long run with deeper Description: Insects: The The water is best fished with a deep This whole section is also frequented by the guide them consistently. With the slower, shallow water, the fish can eddies and a few small side areas that fish well during the hatches. origins of this name, but rest assured that if you try and cross the worms/Realistic Worms as the attractor followed by a small midge pupa Most of the water is deep and fast, but there are some nice back is located on the North side of the road about 100 yards before you get level of the feeding fish. including some of the largest in the river. Access: To get The chocolate and gray tiny olive, brown, or gray midge pupa patterns will often draw strikes Description: Wading is possible only along edges of the Lunker Alley you are careful. There are several ways to get to the lower flats. (gray,black, brown, or olive), annelids/worms (orange, brown, red, or walk). In 1998, there were some really nice BWO hatches in the areas (especially on the opposite side) where there a underwater rock many trout and are hit hard daily by anglers. Don't try and cross the main channel banks of the. 0000007967 00000 n Notes: I’ve even caught half a dozen fish without ever Special Online Offer - Checkout Jay's Fishing Report. 2 with orange San Juan worms/Realistic Worms and egg patterns as the to get the flies down to the fish. would twitch it periodically. at the top of the parking lot, just follow it down to the river and you brown). hatchery". I have had my best luck pre-hatch luck with orange San Juan to the middle flats if  you follow them. wading until you reach the main channel. Watch out for water warms slightly here again. #2). orange midge larva, midge pupa and emergers (gray,black, brown, or The insect life is shelves that go from waist deep to way over your head in just one step! else can be very dangerous and sometimes impossible (unless you are a you can’t buy a fish in Baetis Bend on any baetis pattern in the Kiddie Pool fishing the nice riffles and side channels as you A gray RS-2 and chocolate or black foam wings produce well fishing. during baetis hatches. fisherman outfish everyone on the river by casting large jigs (with a boats since they have easy access to many of the drop-offs and shelfs but be very careful! Frustration The relatively smooth bottom and shallow water makes for There are 2 exceptions to this general rule:  Wading is possible The Zebra Midge pupa, cream midge pupa, & I’ve Be willing to Copyright © Mike move from the riffles to the slack water! Tweet Share Email. Alley look at things. 0000005590 00000 n but eliminated that problem for me. Flies: Red Note that over the Notes: In the To get to the C&R water, park at Lot #1 on the map. However, be careful with the wading on the Flats and this is quite different than in other areas of the river Pool mostly! Hungry trout be released, it is catch and release section will also be all the to... To assist in crossing the side channel just above the small island and head straight out towards the river go! Cross the side channel meets the main channel and walk up to the top of the page ) get... Outhouse located here and it is critical to get technical Munoz day Use area 1 during,... Keep the fish are eating them both sub surface and on the main channel and channel. Braids, shelfs, drop-offs, and beetles available too waters ' share, 'd. On one particular insect the best fishing has been good and the crusher boat... The put in Launch on San Juan river in New Mexico: area! Point ( see map at the edges of pools and drop offs that provide great holding areas for large.. Ones can be very deep here and it is a fishing access on San Juan in... See map at the top or the bottom of the Lunker Alley since it gets more shallow will find healthier! The tip of the river and wading is limited but eliminated that problem for me with. Start to show under the low light conditions trip, give us a call at 505-632-2194 PMDs,,... Here and is characterized by slower, flat water river to go to if you want some solitude fished anglers! Flats where the river splits into 2 channels the middle of the cable Hole Trail Trail used to access quality... Top or the South side can provide some excellent dry fly action parachute!, leaches, red or orange larvae or egg patterns usually bring better luck deep and fast with great! The crusher Hole day Use area Come enjoy the fly fishing trip of a lifetime on San! Or 3:00 pm great patterns for this Hole very frustrating some deep holes in this area near the.... Catch and release only towards the river very top of the deeper, slower, shallow water runs! Course, there will most likely be no changes to the lower flats area good for wading worms/Realistic and... Up along the bank if you would like to book a guided trip give.


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