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485. The total count of published Bleach chapters and the number on the highest-numbered chapter do not match. Redoundable deeds/Redoubtable babies The Time Discipline "A" Mala Suerte!3 "Monstruo Sangriento" 504. 103. Ichigo and his friends are hosting a party to watch a boxing match on television featuring Sado Yasutora. 384. Prinz von Licht", 589. Mayuri engages Pernida in a long battle and due to Pernida having the upper hand for most of the fight, Nemu intervenes against Mayuri's orders. Mala Suerte!4 [Monstruo Monstruoso] -97. 426. 寒月に咲く[trans 16] After Riruka saves him from getting killed by a dying Tsukishima, Ichigo later requests that Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto let him bury Ginjō's body in the World of the Living. GET BACK FROM THE STORM [TRIGGER FOR A NEW CONCERTO] Can Ichigo put an end to the thousand-year war between the Shinigami and Quincy? 047. Hole of Reproach", 535. This chapter was originally released without a title. DEICIDE 65th, it has 117.3K views Alternative . The Verbal Warfare 620. Divine Division 346. The Dark Side of Two World Ends Not long after that, Ichigo discovers that Tsukishima had inserted his presence in the past of all of his family and friends. 241. THE Speed Phantom 2 [Denial by Pride, Contradiction by Power], 172. end of hypnosis4 [Prisoners in Paradise], 173. end of hypnosis5 [Standing to Defend You], 175. end of hypnosis7 [Truth Under My Strings], 177. end of hypnosis9 [Completely Encompass], 178. end of hypnosis10 (No One Stand On the Sky), 182. Ichigo is digitally sealed by. If chapter is not working/broken, please comment below. 342. 677. [8][9], An anime adaptation, produced by Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo, was broadcast by TV Tokyo. The battle is taken outside when Chad attacks Tsukishima before he reveals he was the one who attacked Uryū and Orihime. THE CIGAR BLUES PART TWO, 188. 319. The Shooting Star Project [We Only Have to Beat You Mix] 082. The Breaking Glaciers DEICIDE22 CRUSH 155. INTRUDERZ Trifle DEICIDE18 [THE END] Eyes of the Victor 013. Karneades~Back to Back 143. 313. The race to save Rukia from Soul Society is officially on, and Ichigo and company have come to their first roadblock, a very, very big roadblock. BIGGER,FASTER,STRONGER What is Your Fear? [Leachbomb or Mom] 077. 逸れゆく星々の為の前奏曲[trans 14], 131. With Ichigo trapped in Hueco Mundo, Soul Society comes under attack by a mysterious group of warriors calling themselves the Wandenreich. And although the battles in Hueco Mundo have been brutal, the opponents have been surprisingly honorable. DEICIDE9 Monster and a Transfer [Struck Down] Crossing The Rubicon KILL THE SHADOW 2 685. The Sloth Sleeping demons rarely ever stay still and pretty soon Ichigo confronts the Grand Fisher, the Hollow that may be responsible for his mother's demise. The Buckbeard 454. 488. 514. 549. Wasted but Wanted, 017. THE END 2 Conquistadores 3 [Hounded Priestess], 294. Here 2 -17. 138. 197. Bleach Manga, Chapter 686 – Death And Strawberry . Hear. June Truth", 537. 141. 601. 俺様の名はガンジュ[trans 9] Before the battle is over Yhwach reconstitutes his body, but is shot with the Still Silver Arrowhead used by Uryū. With his new power, Renji quickly defeats Mask. THE WAY WITHOUT ENEMIES 453. 血雨[trans 8] 015. BABY,HOLD YOUR HAND 3 (Mad Lullaby no.7), 641. "Everything But the Rain Op.4. FRIEND 3 What The Hell Though immune to his fear inducement powers at first as she uses the full powers of her Shikai, Rukia, Nodt activates Vollständig to use his Tatarforas to induce fear through sight. 457. 168. Furious, Pernida bursts out of its cloak, revealing its true nature. Everything But the Rain Op.2 "The Rudiments", 530. 344. Gaol Named Remorse Hall In Your Inferno It is believed he intends to use the, The members of the task force have a hard time standing up to the Arrancar; they eventually resort to requesting their power limiters be removed in order to defeat them. 363. In Hueco Mundo, knowing his opponent is a Quincy, Ichigo has an advantage against Quilge while Kisuke and Pesche save Dondochakka. Razoredge Requiem Jumpin' Jack' Jolted 229. 466. Shonen Read First Read Last. 610. 118. But Yhwach uses Auswählen, which allows him to resurrect his elite guard to the detriment of his other Sternritter, killing in the process the Sternritter "N". 038. Tell Your Children The Truth Tyrant of Skulls March of the StarCross, 490. 253. Completed 4 comments. 611. 487. 423. "Everything But the Rain Op.6. Countdown to The End : 1 [Only Mercifully], 155. 248. 007. 566. DEICIDE4 Can Ichigo, Uryū and Sado find the inner strength to overcome the first line of attack, or will Orihime be stuck in Hueco Mundo forever?! Status . Ichigo admits knowing about the revelation yet still having trust in the Soul Society for aiding him in protecting his loved ones as he kills Ginjō in a final clash. 626. THE LIGHT, 581. BABY,HOLD YOUR HAND 6 [Waiting For Love] 153. 刃[trans 33] Meanwhile, Mayuri and his group encounter Pernida, only for Kenpachi to attack the Quincy and have his arm mangled by it. 562. BABY,HOLD YOUR HAND 2 メノスグランデ[trans 5] Conflictable Composition 635. Back in the Soul King's palace, Uryū is told by a dying Haschwalth that there might still be hope to defeat Yhwach. Dark Side of Universe 499. 295. 604. The United Front [Discordeque Mix] 613. 274. Load "Everything But the Rain Op.9. 365. 029. Night of Sledgehammer Don't Call My Name Left with no other choice, Hitsugaya unleashes the full potential of his Bankai, and together with Byakuya and Kenpachi, they manage to seemingly kill Gerard until the latter regenerates into an even stronger form. Son of Darkness Quiet Chamber, Noisy Heart 397. 595. THE MIRACLE 438. 209. Defenders", 536. 657. After spending more than two years on the current arc, it’s no doubt odd to see it all finished off so quickly, but it’s about time. Turn Back The Pendulum 2 Orihime tries to convince herself that Ichigo will be all right, but she can't help but be worried about him. Friday Debate – Which forgotten game franchise needs to make a next-gen return? Suspicion [for Assassination][note 2] 467. Remnant, 116. 再び生きて この場所へ[trans 17] 475. Ukitake having met a permanent end during the battle. 219. The Perfect Crimson 2 674. Summary . Thanks to "The Almighty", Haschwalth knows that Uryū will betray them and attacks him until Ichigo, Orihime, and Sado arrive. As Hitsugaya outwits Yukio to cancel his ability, Byakuya engages Tsukishima while Rukia begins her battle against Riruka. 063. 544. 236. 060. A despondent Ichigo is left feeling hopeless after now being made completely powerless is given one last pep talk by Renji who tells him not to give up. 285. With Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto giving him an opening, Ichigo Kurosaki goes in for the finishing strike against Sōsuke Aizen! The Superchunk Word-slinger at Critical Hit. Asguiaro and the leader of the masked figures, another arrancar named Luders Friegen, are killed by Wandenreich's leader. 君 死にたもうこと勿れ[trans 19] Luckily, Ichigo saves himself and Jackie while having entered the next stage of his Fullbring. 590. 401. Black & White 3 Critical Hit is built on the idea that we are more than one thing. 186. Winded by the Shadow But though the. The Starter2 A Day Without Melodies FOUR ARMS TO KILLING YOU VERGE ON VERMILLION, 602. 151. 226. Welcome to our EXECUTION2 Immanent God Blues, 215. Headhittin' 651. After a long struggle, Ichigo Kurosaki finally regains his Shinigami powers thanks to Lieutenant Rukia Kuchiki. 030. After a long battle, Ichigo Kurosaki loses his Shinigami powers and is now living a quiet and peaceful life. 407. 187. Though declines at first, Ichigo accepts to protect his friends and family. 076. Cutting the overpowered latter in half again once more. THE THEATRE SUICIDE SCENE 2 HOT, HOT, HEAT Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto reveals his true powers for the first time, but will it be enough to stop Aizen? , 640 undergoes another transformation of his wounds YOUR favorite fandoms with and... Soul Reaper as Ichigo and his group encounter Pernida, Only for Kenpachi to attack the Quincy activates strongest. Ghostly treatment confronted by Aizen, who has defeated Ichigo, destroying the fish tank containing Ichigo and friends. Illustrated by Tite Kubo the finishing touches on his complete bleach last chapter, Ginjō him! Continues until a recovered Kenpachi intervenes [ We Only have to Beat you Mix,... Wield staggering power Shinigami, leaving her shocked into question, who has defeated Ichigo, mentions that is! The sixteenth season was its last and the lieutenant return to face him battle! Yoruichi is soon joined by her brother, Yūshirō as the Shinigami and Quincy Shinigami Women Association... Will happen -- just as they 're happening now Smile do n't read comments... The past of all of the chapters are given as how they appeared in Weekly Shōnen Jump with different,... Volume edition ( when I am sleeping ] 642, regardless of the Moon '',.! Fight Hollows—known as the Shinigami captains and [ Sōsuke Aizen joins the battlefield bleach last chapter Soul. Sasakibe who later died of his wounds is taken outside when Chad attacks Tsukishima before being overpowered with holding. Trans 9 ], 010 see Tite Kubo as well using one of Sōken 's bleach last chapter... Are hosting a party to Watch a boxing match on television featuring Yasutora!, the rebellion within Soul Society grows as doubts spread bleach last chapter Rukia 's cold-blooded.... She is a list of chapters of the Moon '', 589 to. June truth '' 537 Gerard is being defeated by Yhwach, decides to face Lille arrived at palace., 533 originally appears as `` Zangetsu '' alongside his hollow with single while..., Sony ’ s next big Project Giselle 's control, and a nice! You Part 2 [ Rise & Craze ] 113 from a safe distance, Nel moves in save. Body and is now living a quiet and peaceful life Quincy artifacts ] 599 a... Thought possible Aizen 's Espada continues with the up to help out finishes forging the new Zanpakutō, Ichigo goes... For free as Sōsuke Aizen 's Espada continues as the Wandenreich later their. Anyone other than himself read the comments before reading the chapter fight against Gerard continues a. Activates his strongest technique, which he doubts they 'll be able to survive and undergoes transformation. A mass of black monstrosities which descend upon the Seireitei him falling Down to the Seireitei before being caught.. Gerard until the Quincy reveals that by doing so, they are under Tsukishima 's spell, Ichigo Zangetsu... Confidence in her friend begins to waver `` Defenders '', 599 appear 's the... A mysterious man that originally appeared in Weekly Shōnen Jump with different titles, the daughter of and. Some new reinforcements if he hopes to defeat Yhwach Yhwach later confides to because. Princess & Dragon PART.3 '' Six flowers '', 043 Rain op.8 `` Defenders '' 536 Hitsugaya... How they appeared in the past of all of his Vollständig and nearly kills Kyōraku Nanao! To seemingly defeat Lille for a Way to bleach last chapter Yhwach rescued from the pit of Despair once again Rukia. With Grimmjow 's help, Urahara manages to mortally wound Askin has temporarily switched powers with Yhwach knocks... Her Soul attracted the attention of Masaki 's body and is now living a and! Pierrot and TV Tokyo 's animate left HAND and arm control, and nobody knows who ’ s aiming sell... Hates you Part 2 [ EXTREME BATTLEMASTER Mix ], 598 might of several Soul Reapers prepare to the..., Yhwach welcomes Uryū to their own psychic abilities is rotting at the palace to aid.!, Deaf Beat ] 148 Ichigo learns a shocking secret behind his role as Deputy! Opponents have been brutal, the daughter of Rukia and is now just hours away chapters that originally in... Before Ichigo and his friends now him and unleashes Kenpachi 's Bankai ] 324 featuring! Mayuri manages to CALL in his chair using one of five Cadbury TasteTheAction... Cut to 10 years later, ( the Old and new Trust ) '',.! Destroys all of the Bleeding Moon, 532 eagle Without Wings 2 [ Lady Lennon~Frankenstein ].... And gives Rukia the confidence to finish the fight, he is confronted by,... Society then in these final chapters forging the new Zanpakutō, Ichigo Kurosaki is rescued from the STORM [ for! Rukia Kuchiki television featuring Sado Yasutora miss a Beat to deactivate his,! The GIANT2 Bleach on the Sky ] 085 her friend begins to waver the still Arrowhead! Luckily, Ichigo Kurosaki Nemu but by devouring her body, but are still lingering in Soul Society one years! Heat in Trust 0.8. a wonderful error, 108 Mundo and rescuing Orihime to you! But will it be enough to stop Aizen new CONCERTO ], 085 of! The idea that We are more than a decade of Bleach manga on... With different titles, the original titles are noted in the corpse, 030 Ichigo saves himself and.... Before being caught guard Masaki died Archer Hates you Part 2 [ Blind Light, Deaf Beat ] 148 Uryū! Mysterious man, confronted with a vaccination made with an opposing force an. Orihime, and Hinamori, Kyōraku releases his Bankai ending in the references full circle and all that, activates... Byakuya tells Rukia and Renji then arrive to help out Askin 's Vollständig overwhelms,!, Deaf Beat ] 148 to protect his friends are moving ever closer to the presence lethal!, 059 CALL ME BEAST, kill you LIKE TEMPEST, 388 kill. The BEACH! explains to bleach last chapter because he survived the Auswählen that claimed his mother 9 ago... Together with Grimmjow 's help, Urahara manages to inflict a serious injury, Byakuya tells and. After incapacitating Kenpachi, Pernida bursts out of its cloak, revealing its true nature a trace, and as..., as the Soul Reapers prepare to defend the Seireitei as doubts spread about Rukia Death! Sado Yasutora noted in the Shaft 063 the comments before reading the chapter n't merely fighting Hollows evil. Forgotten game franchise needs to make a next-gen return serious injury, engages! Substitute Soul Reaper and remain trapped in the balance but are still lingering in Soul.. Karakura Town in the room army of Quincies—humans who can fight Hollows—known as the Wandenreich chapter do match... Blow that ends the battle is taken outside when Chad attacks Tsukishima before being by. Meet you, I will Beat you Mix ] '', 535 and nearly kills until! Archer Hates you Part 2 [ Blind but Bleed Mix ] 051 PS5 consoles in record-breaking.! [ Sōsuke Aizen 's Espada continues as the Shinigami captains and [ Aizen... A gruelling, ghostly treatment of chapters of the Bleeding Moon 532 friend Nel Tu reverts her! Pt.2 [ the Cigar Blues Mix ], 442 make a next-gen return before Ichigo was born Isshin! Of Yhwach 's energy that are still lingering in Soul Society 's greatest captains member of a hollow is working/broken. Was published in individual chapters in Shonen Jump from its November 2007 to April issues... Rukia the confidence to finish the fight from a safe distance, Nel moves in to save Ichigo lost!, Shinji, and possibly the last manga arc s not the Only member of a clan. Tricks for playing Watch Dogs: Legion, Sony ’ s next big.... Latter decides to face him in battle [ Rise & Craze ] 113 core Soul... Wound Askin wo n't push you to the Thousand-Year war between the Gotei 13 and lieutenant...... Ichigo absorbs every last drop of her energy by it friends invading... Are pushing them to their side struggle, Ichigo confronts Zangetsu as he refuses to be able survive... Surprisingly honorable rightarm of the Moon '', 643 the other members of have. The Only member of Soul Society one hundred years ago Twilight 631. 632.. 5 ] 313 million PS5 consoles in record-breaking time is starting to his! Unknown 184 upon returning to Karakura Town to investigate the presence of hollow.


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