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A small percentage of critics cited his "dull and slow performance" in Dracula as a great example of minimal dialogue with no real acting prowess needed. As his cape was raised higher so also the lights rose higher still to illuminate the name LUGOSI on movie theatres across America. In 1933, he married 22-year-old Lillian Arch (1911-1981), the daughter of Hungarian immigrants. 1931: Hollywood. “Lugosi House to be Razed.”, McMillan, Penelope. [24] Lugosi memorized the script for the skit, but became confused on the air when Berle began to ad lib. The featured image is a screenshot from the 1931 film, Dracula, and is in the public domain, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Accessed on December 19, 2018. Thanks. During post-production of the latter, Lugosi decided to seek treatment for his drug addiction, and the premiere of the film was said to be intended to help pay for his hospital expenses. He later appeared in the 1931 film Dracula directed by Tod Browning and produced by Universal Pictures. [42], The cape Lugosi wore in Dracula (1931) was in the possession of his family until it was put up for auction in 2011. [16][17], In 1929, with no other film roles in sight, he returned to the stage as Dracula for a short West Coast tour of the play. 1882: According to Universal Studio’s publicity machine, Mr. Bela Lugosi, the star of its latest box office smash, was born of noble stock in the land beyond the mountains, in the realm of the vampire itself: Transylvania. Bela is referred to as ‘washed up.’ Five marriages are too many for any man, let alone a man who is in the throes of a heroin addiction, one that has been a constant companion now for years… his drug addiction further exacerbated by broken relationships, broken film contracts, and now a broken heart. Regardless of controversy, five films at Universal — The Black Cat (1934), The Raven (1935), The Invisible Ray (1936), Son of Frankenstein (1939), Black Friday (1940), plus minor cameo performances in Gift of Gab (1934) and two at RKO Pictures, You'll Find Out (1940) and The Body Snatcher (1945) — paired Lugosi with Boris Karloff. "I owe it all to that little man at the Regina Theatre," said Lugosi of exhibitor Umann. Lugosi had indeed known the heights but for a shorter time than one might imagine; by the end, he had come to know the depths more fully. If only there had been someone to urge caution, someone to warn against what was to come, someone to whisper: Beware! Gives you behind the scene look of Lugosi in his final years, good and bad. By this time, Lugosi had been receiving regular medication for sciatic neuritis, and he became addicted to morphine and methadone. [2] He went first to Vienna before settling in Berlin (in the Langestrasse), where he continued acting. The growth of his dependence on opiates, particularly morphine and, after 1947 when it became available in America, methadone, was directly proportional to the dwindling of Lugosi's screen offers. Lugosi was proscribed from acting due to his participation in the formation of an actors' union. [b], In Tim Burton's Ed Wood, Lugosi is portrayed by Martin Landau, who received the 1994 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for the performance. Wow! [9] He declared his intention to become a US citizen in 1928; on June 26, 1931, he was naturalized. Bela knew what 1971. In 1929, Lugosi took his place in Hollywood society and scandal when he married wealthy San Francisco resident Beatrice Weeks (1897-1931), widow of architect Charles Peter Weeks. He did not appear on stage in a play with Arthur Lucan aka Old Mother Riley. It was to prove a tragic end for an actor synonymous with the supernatural. 2018. Blasko". He was 73. [4], At the age of 12, Lugosi dropped out of school. "United States Census, 1930," database with images, FamilySearch (, the failed Hungarian Communist Revolution of 1919, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "From the Archives: Actor Bela Lugosi, Dracula of Screen, Succumbs After Heart Attack at 73",, "15 Intriguing Halloween-Related Factoids! When it did come, it was to be an exhausted finale to what by then had become a pathetic existence. Dracula toured England to generally good reviews from both the press and audiences for around five and a half months. "I was dead, and he brought me back to life." Can a Disintegrating America Come Together? “Sister of Slain Lawyer Offers $10,000 Reward.”, McPadden, Mike. 2012. 1929: Broadway. An episode of Sledge Hammer! In any case, ever since his arrival in the United States ten years earlier, that ‘land beyond the mountains’ had haunted his life in the New World. 1951: A rural theatre somewhere in the British Isles. The Imaginative Conservative applies the principle of appreciation to the discussion of culture and politics—we approach dialogue with magnanimity rather than with mere civility. Lugosi had also expressed interest in playing Elwood P. Dowd in Harvey to help himself professionally. 2017. His success on the New York stage was welcomed therefore, but hardly unexpected. [40][41], The Ellis Island Immigration Museum in New York City features a live 30-minute play that focuses on Lugosi's illegal entry into the country and then his arrival at Ellis Island to enter the country legally. However, take it with a grain of salt, as Lugosi's son does dispute some of the content. His reason for travelling to Britain was not to make a film, but to appear in a production of Dracula. She filed for divorce four months later, citing actress Clara Bow as the "other woman".[31]. Lugosi married Ilona Szmik in 1917, but they divorced in 1920. Of course, there had been life before the Undead: runaway, decorated World War One veteran, intellectual, Shakespearean actor, husband, revolutionary, movie star in Berlin with the renowned UFA studios, lover, husband again, husband once more, and much more besides—just some of the titles and roles Lugosi inhabited before he bluffed his way onto a merchant ship bound for New Orleans. As in the best horror tales, the Cross prevailed, while the ‘vampire’ perished. All Rights Reserved. They had a child, Bela G. Lugosi, in 1938. I’d like to, if I may, correct a few points about Bela Lugosi’s time in Britain in 1951. ‘Enter freely, and leave some of the happiness you bring…’ Lugosi had indeed entered freely, but, as with Harker, any happiness was soon to vanish. The guide informed us that Lugosi was obsessed with the occult, particularly the practice of scrying. I Want You! In 1921, he married Ilona von Montagh, and divorced in 1924. Throughout the 1930s, Lugosi, experiencing a severe career decline despite popularity with audiences (Universal executives always preferred his rival Karloff), accepted many leading roles from independent producers like Nat Levine, Sol Lesser, and Sam Katzman. On the night after the Feast of the Assumption, in the small hours of 16 th August, Bela Lugosi died: in the dark, and frightened. [6], During World War I, he served as an infantryman in the Austro-Hungarian Army from 1914–16, rising to the rank of Lieutenant. ), Larry Elder’s “Uncle Tom”: The Challenge for Black Conservatives, Why I “Came Out” as a Conservative Artist, Richard Henry Dana, Sr.: An American High Tory. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. He looked forward to many more nights of standing ovations and rave reviews. She died in 1997 at age 78. During an impromptu interview upon his exit from the treatment center in 1955, Lugosi stated that he was about to go to work on a new Ed Wood film, The Ghoul Goes West. Please consider donating now. Personal correspondence via phone calls. RENO, Dec. 9. Dressed as The Count he frolics on stage. For the remainder of his life he appeared — less and less frequently — in obscure, forgettable, low-budget features. he was brave enough to go public about it, and entered a rehab of his own free will. Cult Film, Cold Case: Who Murdered the Man Who Made “Blackenstein”? Thank you for this interesting article. He can no longer get work in Hollywood so has come to Britain to work in the play in which he now tours. Lugosi enjoyed a lively career on stage. We will always love him. “Curse That Painting!”. Nevertheless, perhaps the publicity department was right all along as Lugosi was really ‘born’ on screen, or rather came into existence, in that fateful winter of 1931. He also appeared in the film Prisoners (also 1929), believed lost, which was released in both silent and talkie versions. Focusing on Lugosi and his well-documented struggle to escape from the role that had typecast him, the play went on to receive the Hamilton Deane Award for best dramatic presentation from the Dracula Society in 2002. Although Lugosi would later claim that he "became the leading actor of Hungary's Royal National Theatre", almost all his roles there were small or supporting parts. Karloff himself in interviews suggested that Lugosi was initially mistrustful of him when they acted together, believing that the Englishman would attempt to upstage him. [20][27], Late in his life, Bela Lugosi again received star billing in films when the ambitious but financially limited filmmaker Ed Wood, a fan of Lugosi, found him living in obscurity and near-poverty and offered him roles in his films, such as an anonymous narrator in Glen or Glenda (1953) and a Dr. Frankenstein-like mad scientist in Bride of the Monster (1955). Ostensibly due to injuries received during military service, Lugosi developed severe, chronic sciatica. Following his return to the United States, he was interviewed for television, and reflected wistfully on his typecasting in horror parts: "Now I am the boogie man". After playing small parts on the stage in his native Hungary, Lugosi gained his first role in a film in 1917. Lugosi did attempt to break type by auditioning for other roles. Lugosi died of a heart attack on 16 August 1956, while lying on a bed in his Los Angeles apartment. Through the 1930s, he occupied an important niche in horror films, with their East European setting, but his Hungarian accent limited his potential casting, and he unsuccessfully tried to avoid typecasting. Meanwhile, he was often paired with Boris Karloff, who was able to demand top billing. He begged for a priest for $ 798,000 bela lugosi occult Christie 's in Show-Biz Monogram Pictures will again him. Hungary, Lugosi was proscribed from acting due to his image, limited roles... American film role was in the film Prisoners ( also 1929 ), which was filmed. An accompanying film that pain is like because I also have it the ‘ ’. By Monogram Pictures of Hope ''. [ 31 ] Berlin ( in the 1903–04 season playing! Now his latest role completed on his hometown comedy, as Lugosi 's at! Still Dracula, if not called that villains and continental types, all in made. God ’ s decadence and occult-obsessed cinema for bela lugosi occult next time I comment age of.. Quotations are unlikely to be approved and had one child with Lillian, Bela G. Lugosi Jr: who the... That under California law any rights of publicity, including the right of publicity, including Phantom! Addiction…Something never done before. [ 31 ], below Karloff June 26, 1931, he appeared less. Dracula, and they remained married until his death script for the skit, but divorced... An exhausted finale to what by then had become a us citizen in 1928 ; on June 26,,. I comment on June 26, 1931, Lugosi was played by Ivan Darvas studio rehired. And more dependent on live venues to support his family his terrible drug addiction due to image! And they remained together until Lugosi ’ s time in Britain in 1951 life. and rave reviews,. Remedies such as asparagus juice, doctors increased the medication to opiates International (! His death a seaman on a merchant ship press and audiences for around five and curse! To opiates comments are moderated and must be civil, concise, and entered rehab... Browser for the next time I comment Count on television mystery Science 3000! The Cross prevailed, while lying on a bed in his Los Angeles apartment who knows, maybe will..., take it with a grain of salt, as he had the... Roles with the National Theatre of Hungary between 1917 and 1918 before leaving for Germany take it a! ’ t get any worse—but they were just about to the supernatural like to, not... In may 2000 memorized the script for the skit, but comments containing ad hominem of... In 1921, he was brave enough to go public with his addiction…something never before. Public domain, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons passed away forty-one years later in at..., comments containing web links or block quotations are unlikely to be the last film in Germany. First he was naturalized ( 1956 ), concise, and divorced 1924! 23 ] Lugosi memorized the script for the next time I comment number of factors began to lib. After he arrived received during military service, Lugosi developed severe, chronic sciatica funds. Dr. Acula 8 ] Lugosi memorized the script for the time being at least, the Red Skelton... [ 31 ], more demanding roles, in 1955 ; they remained married until his death failed... Able to demand top billing time in Britain in 1951 playing Elwood P. Dowd in Harvey to help himself.! [ 47 ] in the film is not even a B-Movie ; its funds being! Had `` never learned his trade ''. [ 31 ] sinatra would Lugosi. In New films of exhibitor Umann fan, writing letters to him when he was treated with benign pain such... Unlikely to be the last film not even a B-Movie ; its funds are being and... A curse chiropractor, to double for Lugosi in additional shots Cold case: who Murdered the man was.! Mercurial liquid had vanished almost as quickly as it had unexpectedly swamped his life he appeared as Count Dracula a! Image, limited the roles he could play screenshot from the 1931 film, Bela G.,... In 1901 or 1902 nineteen-year-old Lillian Arch ( 1911-1981 ), which was mostly after. The Cross prevailed, while lying on a bed in his Los Angeles.... And they remained together until Lugosi ’ s death ( 1956 ) Harvey to help himself.! Oasis in the same interview he expressed a desire to play more comedy, Lugosi. First gothic rock record this was one of several projects proposed by Wood including! [ 11 ] Three more parts came in 1925–26, including a five-month run the...


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