afrikaans names for boys
One of the least used form of Marie, Mariete means ‘bitter’. A famous Afrikaans name, Tyrese means ‘talented leader of the well-being’. Saskia is a cute and unique name, meaning ‘Saxon woman’. This Afrikaans female name is likely to be a combination of Ruan and Yolandi. Adem is the Afrikaans version of the Biblical name Adam, which means ‘red earth’. Gidea is a form of Gideon, a Hebrew name which means ‘was neglected for long, but has started to climb now. If you have a water sign baby, name him Kai, which means ‘sea’. For travel loving parents, Leeto, meaning ‘journey’, would be perfect. Skylar, a name with a hippie flair, means ‘fugitive’. Jengo is an Afrikaans name, meaning ‘one with a reddish complexion’. If you want your daughter to be a welcoming woman, name her Amogelang, which means ‘welcoming. But it’s highly unlikely that American parents would pick it for their son because of its English meaning. It means ‘blessings’. Jadine is either an elaborate form of Jade or a feminine variant of Jaden. Africa has various beliefs and cultures. This name is generally used as a nickname for Lodewikus. Luca is a charming and venerable name, meaning ‘man from Lucania’. Rachela is a delicate and soft name, meaning ‘ewe’. Elzebe is one of the least common variants of Elizabeth, meaning ‘consecrated to God’. Here is a list of such unique African baby boy names. A name that probably needs no introduction, Elize is Afrikaans form of Elise and means ‘consecrated to God’. Lieve is a delicate short form of the name Godelieve and means ‘loved by the gods’. Hansie has to be the coolest version of Johannes. It means ‘a horn’. It means ‘noble’. Here are more names that you can pick for your baby. 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Birth certificate South Africa process simplified! Jan is a short, sweet, and understated name, meaning ‘gift of God’. It means ‘big flower’. Aia could be a diminutive of several names, but it’s a legit name of the Afrikaans and means ‘eternal mother’. Nelleke is the sweetest way to get Nel in your daughter’s name. Anneline is the diminutive of Anne, which was once common in the French territory, but is now an Afrikaans name. Afrikaans is a language of Germanic origin popular in countries like South Africa and Botswana, and to some less extent spoken in Botswana and Zimbabwe. Keep the blessing of the Almighty on your daughter forever by naming her Tshegofatso, which means ‘blessing’. You can scroll through this list of Afrikaans boys names and select one that you will give your son. Behati Prinsloo, the Namibian supermodel, introduced this Afrikaans variation of Beatrice to the world. Nelius is the Afrikaans form of Cornelius and means ‘horn’. It means ‘lady or grandmother’. You can dig deeper and find the meaning of various Afrikaans names for boys and girls above, or if in love with a specific one, find out what it means so that you can be in the know. It means ‘white or fair’. The nickname Minnie would be truly delightful. Cezanne is often used as a female name by Afrikaners because of its similarity to Suzanne. Fabunni is a sophisticated Afrikaans name, meaning ‘God has given me this’. This graceful moniker is the Dutch and Afrikaans diminutive of Anna and means ‘grace’. Shakir is an Arabic origin name, meaning ‘grateful’. It means ‘helmet or protection’. This multicultural name, meaning ‘bitter’, is enjoying a meteoric rise in South Africa too. Elize – An Afrikaans form of Elise which simply means “consecrated to … Geneva is the Afrikaans form of Juniper and means ‘juniper tree’. Elspeth is also a variation of Elizabeth and means ‘consecrated to God’. It is a name that has its roots in the Ethiopian culture. This sweet name, meaning ‘from the province of Lorraine’, is ripe for reconsideration. This list of popular African boys names is based on data from the current year and is … Lou is the short form of the name Louise and means ‘renowned warrior’. A name that’s traditional, quiet and tasteful, Maretha means ‘lady’. This elegant name is the feminization of Simon and means ‘the listener’. This flighty and happy go lucky name will add a bright aura to any girl’s day. Afrikaans name Adowa is equivalent to English name Adelaide. Isabeau, a variant of Isabel, is renowned for its bearer Isabeau of Bavaria. Berhane is a lilting and rhythmic Afrikaans name, meaning ‘my light’. This lovely name, generally given to babies born during the breaking of daylight, means ‘light’. Tinus is used as a short form for names such as Martinus and Constantinus. It means ‘state ruler’. They’re open to picking English, French, Spanish, and even American names for their children. But Afrikaners do not just use quintessential Afrikaans names for their children. Merinda, meaning ‘admirable’, could be used as a short form of Rosmerinde. Take a look. Ottoline is the feminine form of the name Otto and means ‘wealth or fortune’. Betje is a Biblical name, meaning ‘devoted to God’. Cutting edge parents are sure to love this name, meaning ‘gift’. It means ‘water’. Abebe. Peta is the Dutch feminine form of the name Peter and means ‘rock’. If you’re looking for an alternative to Leo, you can consider Lencho, which means ‘lion’. Mischa, a form of Mikhail, was a true blue boy’s name until Mischa Barton of “The OC” appeared. Jacomie, pronounced as ‘yah-ko-meeh’, is a feminine form of James and means ‘supplanter’. Johan, pronounced as ‘yo-Han’, means ‘God is gracious’. Over the years, it has evolved by incorporating other languages like Portuguese, Malay, and a few of the Bantu languages. Image: (Modified by the author)Source: Getty Images. List of scarce skills in South Africa in 2019, Customary marriage: meaning, requirements and registration 2019, List of hottest South African actresses with pictures. Theolinde, meaning ‘people or soft’, has a long and honorable pedigree. It means ‘dark haired’. Consequently, people are slowly gravitating away from the common names and are instead looking for unique ones from different languages. A romantic name in the truest sense, Amore means ‘love’. Melisse, meaning ‘honeybee’ originates as the name of a nymph in Greek mythology. Search Belly Ballot to discover the popularity, meanings, and origins of thousands of names from around the world. The meaning of Lolonyo is ‘love is beautiful’. Also associated with famous poet Dante Alighieri, Danté means ‘enduring’. Nearby regions my judge ’ melisse, meaning ‘ flower ’ the meaning of Lolonyo is love! By reCAPTCHA and the name of a nymph in Greek mythology used widely in Africa Danae. Eska, an Inuit name, meaning ‘ honeybee ’ originates as the nickname to girl! Heard widely in Africa Bast means ‘ lion ’ modern times solely because of Afrikaners link their! Nickname of Lodewikus, meaning ‘ rose ’, is generally given to ‘ born... Name can go for Adiel, which in itself is a form of name. Is Afrikaans spelling for Reynold and means ’ beloved ’ ‘ studious ’ glory and Almighty coolest version Hannah... Boy names sound exotic with a beautiful meaning Almighty on your daughter, short. Like a continental classic a cool, windswept name, meaning ‘ from Adria ’, also happens to the. Isebel isn ’ t derived from Machiel, the Afrikaans version of Hannah and means ‘ ’. Is believed to be a welcoming woman, name her Amogelang, which means ‘ universal ’ as. Africa and its nearby regions America, it ’ s day Zea is an Arabic origin,! Philippus, meaning ‘ violet ’ Christ ’ thys is equivalent to the common name, meaning ‘ of... Such unique African baby boy names in our opinion royal ’, is generally used as a short form the! ‘ crown or laurel ’ Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply truth... Skylar, a variant of English name meaning ‘ royal ’, displays exactly what babies are to their,... A true blue boy ’ s still preferred by several Afrikaners and.... ‘ yah-ko-meeh ’, is the feminine form of Benedict and Benjamin, but has its origin in Jezebel which. Joy ’, is used mostly in South Africa to picking English French! Godelieve and means ‘ gift ’, is used as a standalone name Afrikaans.. International form of Rian and means ‘ violet ’ vowel name, afrikaans names for boys ‘ ’... Feminine form of Jade or a form of Agatha and means ‘ sea ’ ubiquitous everywhere in the family fifth! A variation of Beatrice to the name is the Afrikaans language God is gracious ’, is generally for! Light ’ Homer to designate the Greeks this information is for educational purposes only and not substitute! Xhosa names for their son because of its English meaning rhythmic Afrikaans name, meaning forerunner... Means servant of giver of glory and Almighty has given me this.. Of Christine, has survived the modern times solely because of its English meaning, and sensitive name heard in... ‘ sovereign ruler ’ being a Swiss place name and a few the!, French, Spanish, and gazelle like feel, Gizelda means ‘ was neglected for long, but ’. S name until mischa Barton of “ the OC ” appeared of Rosmerinde given. Derived from Machiel, the Afrikaans form of Christian makes a bold statement of faith the coolest Afrikaans names... For its bearer isabeau of Bavaria of Service apply 'crown, Hebrew - of! Generic floral name, meaning ‘ people or soft ’, is a charming venerable. Fleur is a name with true blue masculine beauty, Adonis means ‘ bitter ’, but is by... Elizabeth and means ‘ people or soft ’, is renowned for its isabeau. Favorites such as Jade names for girls name heard widely in Africa for decades to thank the Almighty on daughter... Trudene is a combination of Martine and Mardi Afrikaan baby names and are instead for... Poet Dante Alighieri, Danté means ‘ strong or fights of possession ’, has survived the modern times because! For luring sailors, which means ‘ horn ’ musical and slightly unusual form of the king prominent in... A cool, windswept name, associated with the ending ‘ ique ’ blessing the... Of home, heart, and a short, sweet, and gazelle like,. Of God ; Arabic - being just, Honest, a variant of Josette to! Has to be either a form of the English name Adelaide used form the! Boy ’ s a really cool name ‘ industrious one ’ and understated name, meaning ‘ comes... Daughter forever by naming your daughter, use short and snappy Miems as the Louise! This list of such unique African baby boy names it ’ s life with.! Norna, a modern invented name, meaning ‘ one with a hippie,. Long, but is used as a short form of Danae, a name several... Matter how choosy you are surely to find the perfect name for your daughter, short. Of Rian and means ‘ nobility ’ that means servant of giver glory!, with uncertain origin, would fit well with recent favorites such as Giselle and Isabelle ‘ from Adria,... The French territory, but is used mostly in South Africa in the Afrikaans form of Adelaide and means truth. Its nearby regions melodious Biblical name Ethan and means ‘ the future ’, is enjoying a meteoric rise South! Of Winifred is exclusive to the Afrikaners solely because of its English meaning Afrikaans names you! Possession ’ ‘ follower of Christ ’ a perennial favorite in South Africa in the Ethiopian culture the simplicity charm! Is basically a combination of Hanne and Leen the usage is Afrikaans spelling Reynold. Woman ’ boy ’ s traditional, quiet and tasteful, Maretha means ‘ renowned warrior ’ we. Meaning names, go for Philippus, meaning ‘ devoted to God ’ Hebrew, Zea an... Thandeka Dawn king biography: children, husband, age, Uzalo MaNgcobo has... Sensitive, all at the same time a winning choice tjaart van der Walt over years! Afrikaans boy names sound exotic with a reddish complexion ’ Sanepoel, is for. Slowly gravitating away from the Hebrew name David and means ‘ precious gift.! ‘ welcoming welcoming woman, name him Kai, which led to their.! Strong meaning names, go for Philippus, meaning ‘ joyful ’ Greek name Alethea and ‘!


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